Dragon Master

Chapter 469 Hit the Mark by a Fluke

On the way to the forestry station, someone appeared in greenbelt near the construction site.

He sneaked around and then quickly ran out of the area. He found a quiet place and took out a cellular phone to make calls.

"Sir, it's not good. Some local people in H City went here and arrested all of us. I...I was lucky and escaped. I heard them saying that they were going to take our people to the forestry station."

Lear was discussing the plan to deal with Maximilian. After hearing that, he frowned and looked extremely nervous.

"Waste! You are all waste! Why are you so useless?"

"Sir, we are useless indeed, but there are too many people on their side. Nearly ten of them beat one of us. How could we win?"

"Fuck you! I don't want to listen to your excuse. Figure out where they were taken. I want a specific location! "

After saying that, Lear threw the phone on the table.

Ghost II, Easton, and others looked at Lear, waiting for him to explain what was going on.

"My guys are making trouble at the construction site of the Griffiths. I don't know why the local rogues in H City came. They took all my men to a forestry station. I don't know which forestry station it is and will ask someone to figure it out." Lear explained to them with embarrassment.

"Your people have been caught? Probably Maximilian asked Connor to do so." Ghost II knew the situation better and had made a correct guess.

"Tell me what to do. I’ve planned to make trouble for Maximilian to stand out. Maybe it’s screwed up. If they are sent by Maximilian, I am afraid they will interrogate them. At least my whereabouts will be exposed."

Lear said nervously. He rubbed his temples hard and felt pain in the brain.

it was an opportunity. He took out his phone and sent a few messages. He immediately got a reply from his men who were stalking Maximilian. Maximilian was on

you make it unintentionally, but it just gives us a good

mean? You are laughing at me?"

The latest news is that Maximilian is on his way to the forestry

definitely spit out, and my identity will be exposed."

What matters is that Maximilian went alone. It is said that he just takes some ordinary people. We only need to take our guys to surround the forestry station now, and

when we rushed in, Maximilian could not defeat us. Besides, if we catch someone

the forestry station was a perfect place for open fights. The secret service team and Stefan’s guys can be deployed

card. Maximilian could

absolutely a good plan. I support it with both hands. All my guys are

are coming soon. I will ask them to join

a toast. He had to fight against Maximilian

masters. Then there was not much to worry about. If they really could not beat


Maximilian is nobody. I’ll join

stands one after another and soon everyone agreed

tasks. After assigning all the personnel and tasks,

drove with their

big team against him had already started, and he was sitting in the passenger seat with a

quarreled with each other all the way. They just reasoned things out

to make peace several times but failed, so he could

whispered to Maximilian,

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