Dragon Master

Chapter 468 Self-Deception

Maximilian decided to interrogate them. He also felt something wrong and had to interrogate them in person.

"OK. I’ll be there later, and you should tell your men."

"I’ve already told them. I will send you the location, and you can go there directly."

Connor hung up the phone and quickly sent the location of the forestry station to Maximilian.

Maximilian looked at the approximate location and snapped with a smile, “All right. The construction site has been settled, and those who made trouble have been caught. I will go over and interrogate them to see if there is someone behind this."

"Master, I'll drive you there." Canaan smiled obsequiously.

"I'm going, too. I haven't seen the interrogation yet. Is it exciting like in the movies? I'm going to learn from it." Flora said.

Victoria glanced at Flora, and then at Maximilian.

Victoria certainly could not stand the bloody situation in the interrogation, but she would feel jealous if Flora went there with Maximilian. Victoria always worried that Flora and Maximilian would have an affair.

Just when Victoria was hesitating, the office door was pushed open. Iris in sexy clothes came in.

Iris froze slightly when she saw so many people in the office. Seeing Flora, Iris suddenly became embarrassed.

After that night, Iris's thoughts had changed, and she decided to seduce Maximilian and separate him from Victoria. For so many years, Iris was as blind as a bat and did not recognize Maximilian's strength, which made her regret it a lot.

I...I’m here to apologize to Maximilian. I have made so many mistakes over the years. I hope you can forgive me. I will definitely make a clean break with my past errors." Iris whispered with her

at Iris with confusion and did not

are crazy after being frightened that night?"

I was wrong, and I’ll never do that again. I’ll treat you with absolute respect in the future, or you can sit down and I’ll give you a massage." Iris said

her forehead and felt as if the whole world had suddenly changed.

better go back to work. I'll accept your apology for Maximilian." Victoria tried to save Maximilian out of

do outside. If you can correct your mistakes immediately, you are

her eyes and realized that Maximilian would go out to handle other

with her head tilted, Iris squinted and said, "You

You are jealous, aren’t you? If so, go

the moment, it was unveiled by Flora

a crush on Maximilian? I warn you. Maximilian is my family member. How dare

and thought it a perfect excuse. Flora became furious and gnashed her teeth tightly. She even wanted to

and neither

them, feeling as if he was watching a palace drama. He felt that his master was really a peerless

each other for an ordinary man. Maximilian was a man causing a fight

could not understand why he suddenly became an attractive

go with me." Maximilian said in a relatively low

his wife, he could avoid girls with evil thoughts. At the same time, Maximilian was trying to

Iris wants to go, let her follow you. Come back as soon as possible. Call

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