Dragon Master

Chapter 453 Double Standard?

Maximilian got up early in the morning and was busy making breakfast in the kitchen.

Laura let Flora sit on the sofa and asked her about her meeting with Drew yesterday. Flora was embarrassed and didn't know how to say, looking at Victoria for help.”

"Mom, don't mention it. My cousin is not suitable for Flora at all. You'd better not make a blind match." Victoria said helplessly.

"I'm not making a blind match. Your cousin is in the limelight recently. I've heard that he's going to be on TV in a few days." Laura thought that his nephew was really good, at least much better than his son-in-law.

"Flora, you have to listen to my words. You should consider Drew. Young people can find each other good by contacting more."

Flora said with an awkward smile, "Okay, aunt, I'll think about your advice. I'll see if Maximilian needs help. Aunt, you can talk with Victoria."

Flora found an excuse to leave in a hurry, and then walked into the kitchen.

Maximilian, who was frying eggs, saw Flora come in and asked with a smile, "What's the matter with you? Just wait outside, and I don't need your help here.”

Flora showed a pathetic look, holding Maximilian's arm with both hands and shaking, "You can't drive me out. My aunt is so horrible. I can't bear it. I can do laundry and cooking, and I'm good at warming the bed. Take me in."

"Don't talk nonsense. I'm sleeping in the living room. I wish Victoria would throw you out." Maximilian said with dissatisfaction.

Flora tooted her mouth and suddenly straightened her waist.

"I'm not worse than sister Victoria, or I'll sneak out to warm your bed at night. I promise I’ll make you comfortable." Flora took the opportunity to test Maximilian.

If it were for another man, he would have drooled and nodded, but Maximilian was not moved. Maximilian took the spatula seriously and shoveled the soft boiled eggs into the plate. Then he put the plate into Flora's hand.

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the plate blankly, feeling not well at

was the situation? Was she rejected? Flora felt very tired. It seemed that seducing Maximilian

If only one man and one woman lived in the same room, Maximilian

head and said, "Go

I'm so moved that I want to marry you.” Flora said with low

misunderstands me, I will

the threat from Maximilian, Flora could only toot his mouth and go

was only a few steps away from the kitchen, Flora said in her heart, “It’s too

move, she would be discovered by Victoria. What a dangerous situation! No wonder Maximilian wanted to

egg made by Maximilian for you. You can eat

were you talking about?"

woman, and Victoria could feel that Flora seemed to have a crush on Maximilian, so

Maximilian doesn’t want to reply when I speak. I'm so angry." Flora said

Maximilian is like. His EQ is low. Don't take his words to heart. Sit down and eat.

let Flora sit down and walked

and waved to Victoria with a smile. He picked up a

think you feel guilty. Did you do anything wrong just now?"

wronged me, honey. How can I

saw Flora so happy. Did you feed her ham like this just

heart. Although she knew she was

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