Dragon Master

Chapter 455 A hundred thousand!

After Maximilian just left for half a minute, the phone on Victoria's desk was ringing.

Victoria answered the phone for half a minute, asked Flora to stay in the office and not run around, and then left in a hurry. She needed to go to the construction site.

When Victoria left, Flora secretly left the office, slipped out of the company and ran to the roadside.

At this time, let alone Maximilian, even Victoria was nowhere to find.

Flora was unhappy and stomped her feet hard. She was at a loss in her heart and felt she was useless. She did not seize such a good opportunity but watched Maximilian leave. Now she wanted to catch up with Maximilian, but didn't know where to go.

The Mercedes Benz slowly stopped beside Flora, the window near the passenger seat was open. Canaan tilted his head and said, "Flora, where are you going? I can help you.”

"Are you going to flirt with your master’s wife?" Flora said rudely.

"Eh? The wife of my master, the wife of my master... Shouldn't the wife my master be Victoria? You are my master... "

The more Canaan said, the smaller his voice was, and finally he just closed his mouth, because Flora's eyes could kill him if he continued.

At this moment, Canaan felt that his EQ not enough. Such a beautiful fairy girl might not have been found if she hadn't been greedy for his master's body.

The so-called "pick up" was just a kind of disguised statement. This girl must have an indescribable relationship with her master Maximilian.

"Er, Mrs. Lee, please get into the car. Are you going to see my master? I think master has taken a taxi to the East. If we are fast, we may catch up with him."

Canaan was full of confidence. He thought it was easy to catch up with a taxi with his own driving skills.

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said with a smile, "Certainly not. You can rest assured, Mrs.

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foot on the accelerator and ran toward the direction where the taxi

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with the taxi. Don't fail. I'll be rude to you if

that is, of course, worse than my master. My master's driving skill is

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especially focusing on Maximilian's

dazzled upon hearing it, and felt so excited. If she had followed Maximilian yesterday, she would have experienced such exciting things

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the taxi stop at the gate of the boxing stadium, Canaan

the boxing stadium. Shall we

about what Maximilian was doing here. Did he

gate of the stadium, it was stopped by a huge man

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can park inside. Do you have a card? You can't go

I go in and play?" Canaan

without cards are not allowed to enter. You'd better

invitation card? Give me

moment and let Canaan to park his car at the door of the

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