Dragon Master

Chapter 448 It’s Him

Lambert directly apologized to Maximilian because he really didn’t want to fight with Maximilian. If he won, he may irritate the person behind Maximilian; if he lost, he would die or be badly wounded. After considerations, Lambert had to surrender.

Maximilian shook his head and said, “There are so many choices in your life. Now that you have chosen to be my enemy, you are my enemy forever. You should stay to your original intention.”

Lambert’s thought was in a disorder. He thought to himself that he had already given in and that why Maximilian connected it with original intention. He had been interested in money, which had not changed.

“Maximilian, what should I do to beg your forgiveness? In fact, I don’t play Kung Fu. I am the same person with Master Martin who practices Tai Chi. All I have learned are superficial.” Lambert abandoned his face and covered his chest with hands, pretending to be in pain. He said, “Ouch, myocardial infarction hits me. I am dying.” At the same time, Lambert went backward. If Maximilian didn’t want to let him go, he planned to escape to the backyard.

“You are an awkward actor. You are able to defend the punch I have done to you, which means you play Kung Fu well. So let us continue, don’t give up.” Maximilian walked to Lambert, who completely wanted to give in and the only thought in his mind was to escape.

Lambert turned around and ran toward the long corridor leading to the back yard. When he went through Luke’s followers, he didn’t forget to push several people out to defend himself against Maximilian.

Suddenly, near the corridor, there was a mess. The followers withdrew to fight Lambert, and ran to Maximilian. Maximilian frowned and addressed the followers easily. They were beaten to cry and several people were flying into the air.

A roar of engines came. The second-generation riches from the Sports Car club arrived. Seeing the Mercedes SUV stopped beside the yard, Canaan’s eyes flashed with excitement. “This is the car. We finally find it. I will take a careful look to see how the car is modified.”

When he opened the door of his car, he heard yelling from the yard. He was scared and sat back into the car. “What’s the fucking noise? Is this place haunted?” Canaan said in panic.

said in stillness, “Look at the sky. Does it look like fireworks?” Canaan looked

What the hell is the guy driving the Mercedes? What’s happening

others come, we can come

incident just now. There must be good luck waiting for me. I will have a cigarette

cigarette in his mouth and was not able to lighten it with trebling hands. His eyes were fixed on the door of the yard with terror and he put his hands

Luke’s followers were beaten into coma. Walking through the corridor, Maximilian ran

through the corridor and walking to the backyard, Lambert didn’t greet Luke and Uncle Powell. He just walked toward the back door. Uncle Powell suddenly realized the dangerous situation and pushed Luke to follow Lambert. He

long. Hurry up!” Lambert said with anxiety. At the same time, he kicked the back door open and went

Powell went out after him and the

door. Lambert opened the car door and went into the car. He said in a hurry, “Who is good at

can’t drive.” Then he sat down in the

drive. Fasten your seat belt, and let us experience the feeling of fly.” After finishing the words, Kevin pushed

the car. He looked around but only found a motor tricycle. He was completely speechless. Although he was capable of

to the front yard. When he walked through the corridor, he saw the front door was opened by someone. At the same time, Canaan entered the yard with his

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