Dragon Master

Chapter 447 Give Me a Chance

The sturdy men standing behind Lambert rolled up their sleeves and stared at Maximilian angrily. In their eyes, Maximilian was an enemy who should be eliminated.

Lambert stared at Maximilian and said coldly, “You are pretty good at pretending. You even played the trick on me.”

“Ah, I didn’t play any trick. Do not talk nonsense. Come on! Let me teach you what’s modesty.” Maximilian crooked his finger at Lambert and showed his scorn.

Irritated by Maximilian, Lambert waved his right hand and said, “My followers are enough to tackle you. There is no need for me to fight with you. Young men should stay respectful to the elder. Come on.”

The sturdy men in black Kung Fu jacket rushed to Maximilian, screaming like fierce tigers.

Uncle Powell supported his waist with hand and stood on his feet. Then he ran to Luke in a hurry and said, “Luke, don’t stand here and watch the fight. If you want to watch it, please find somewhere safer. My heart is pounding. I am extremely worried.”

“What do you mean? Will Lambert lose?” said Luke spitefully.

“I don’t know whether Lambert will lose or not. I think we should have a plan B. Please go to the backyard. If Lambert loses, it will be easier for you to escape through the back door and drive the car away.”

Luke thought for a moment and glanced at the four unhurt guards. He said, “Bring your gun and ask your four followers to the back yard with me. The rest can stay here to defend Maximilian if he wins.”

to sacrifice their lives to protect Luke. Uncle Powell

hidden in the corner of the yard,

front of the sturdy men. When they wanted to wave their fists toward

He has a unique footwork and incredible

All stay still. We should force him into a corner and then

Maximilian’s movement. Or if Maximilian continued his fighting like this, there would be a big

fives appeared in the air. The men were scared, but it was too late for

than three seconds. Within such a short period of time, Maximilian accomplished a dozen punches and beat these men to the ground. The men

internal organs

capacity. It was unbelievable that Maximilian was so good at such a young age. What the hell he had been eating to grow up like this? Lambert was worried about Maximilian’s capability, and was curious about the identity of his teacher. It was said that a great teacher nurtured a brilliant student. So Maximilian’s teacher must be a famous master in martial arts. Lambert was not willing to offend such a figure. Seeing that Maximilian was walking toward him, Lambert waved his hand and said, “Wait for a minute. I have some words, I don’t know if I

you after taking off my

Lambert speechless. So Lambert asked him in another way, “Whose student are you? Haven’t your teacher

that there is someone behind me. I never find anyone else after I was

eyelids twisted wildly. He crossed his arms over his chest to avoid Maximilian’s

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