Dragon Master

Chapter 18 He is Still the Good-for-Nothing

Ralphy was walking out of the Graham Group building at this moment. A black Bentley parked in front of the door, and a dozen serious-looking

black-suited security guards were standing on his side.

If anyone had seen it, they would have been shocked!

Ralphy, the chairman of Graham Group, went out!

Many people begged for a meeting with Ralphy in H City, but were turned down.

Now, he was actually going out himself.


Zak froze at the moment, listening to the voice on the phone. It was really his dad.

They wondered what this was about?

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What's going on, how did you get Mr. Maximilian’s phone?”

On the other end of the phone, Ralphy also shuddered and his voice tone turned high.

"This fucking bloke pissed me off and I'm going to kill him!"

Zak raised his eyebrows and looked at the bland-faced Maximilian with a vicious face, full of anger.

It must be a coincidence. How did his dad know such a loser.

And, with such respect!

No way!

“How dare you! How dare you be rude to Mr. Maximilian? Give the phone to Mr. Maximilian!”

Ralphy shouted angrily with his heart snapping. Had his son pissed off Mr. Maximilian?

Ralphy was very clear about his son's nature. He was uneducated and spendthrift, and had stirred up a lot of trouble for him!

If he had offended Mr. Maximilian, it was the end of the Graham family!


Zak was puzzled, but still meekly tossed the phone to Maximilian and said in a chilling voice,

"You bloke actually have my dad's number, but that won't change anything!"

Maximilian did not say anything, but gently put Victoria down and then picked up the phone. He said with indifferent eyes,


I don't have time for your bullshit. Your son won't let me go, and you'll only get one chance!"

The tone of his voice was cold and murderous.

Ralphy was not a fool, so he naturally got it and hurriedly apologized,

"Yes, yes, Mr. Maximilian, there must be some misunderstanding. You could pass the phone to Zak and I'll talk to him."

Maximilian nodded and tossed the phone to Zak.

Zak was bursting with rage at the moment. He slammed the table and roared,

"You're fucking threatening me?

Only one more chance? I think you only have a lingering life. Benjamin, do it!"

Just a moment after Zak roared, an angry chortle came from the phone that had been thrown on the sofa.

"Zak! How dare you!

Are you out of my hands now?"

His father... was furious.