Dragon Master

Chapter 19 She Cares for Me

Maximilian's face was calm as he looked at Ralphy and spoke indifferently,

"Ralphy, is it okay if I do this?"

How did Ralphy dare to say no now? Taking a look at his son who was stifling on the ground, he said,

"That was his deserved punishment and it was just what I wanted.”

The son was injured, but the father actually said it was just what he wanted.

Connor sucked in a breath of cold air. Though he had long known Mr. Maximilian's identity was extraordinary, he was still stunned at the


Ralphy, the chairman of Graham Group, his eldest uncle was Cooper Graham!

He had more connections and status than Connor himself!

If such a person said even one word, he, Connor Davies would have to fall from the clouds to the mortal dust.

Bruno was standing respectfully behind him.

As for Zak, he was lying on the ground at the moment, covering his crotch, looking at his dad with a painful face, and muffled his voice,

"Dad... avenge me..."

Ralphy's face was shaken with anger and the corners of his eyes were cold, since Mr. Maximilian was already kind to leave him alive!

"Take the young master out." Ralphy spoke coldly.

“When you're done with him, send him back to the capital and he is not allowed to step out of there again. If he dares to take half a step outside, I will break his legs!"

The attendant behind Ralphy, bending down, said respectfully,

"Yes, Chairman.’

Soon, Zak was carried out.

Bruno, who witnessed all this with his own eyes, was still a bit flustered, his eyes burning as he stared at Maximilian.

Yes, this young man was indeed the wimpy son-in-law of the Griffith family!

Before, when Bruno was invited to 100th-day birthday party for the youngest daughter by Samuel Griffith, he had seen Maximilian, who was regarded as a waste by all people at that time.

He hadn't put Maximilian in his eyes at first, only thinking that this young man was worthless.

Now it seemed that everyone had misunderstood him!

A moment later, Bruno greeted him with his hands outstretched and a smile on his face, saying,

"Hello, Mr. Maximilian, I'm Bruno Riley."

This was a good opportunity!

Bruno was a person within the system, and naturally understood that the person who could even be respected by Ralphy must be a person with a supreme background.