Dragon Master

Chapter 14 Please Help Me

Meanwhile, Maximilian had arrived at the hospital.

His mother-in-law called him non-stop for the whole morning and urged him several times.

As soon as he entered, Maximilian bumped into Jackson. He came running in a hurry and was full of complimentary smiles as he said,

"Welcome Mr. Maximilian to our hospital.”

With a stunned expression, Maximilian waved his hand and said,"I'm just here to see my daughter.”

Jackson smiled awkwardly and said, "That's fine, I'll leave you alone. Please rest assured. Your daughter is doing fine. We had an expert

consultation overnight and have already come up with a plan."

Maximilian nodded. Jackson turned around and left.

Following that, he headed towards Sissy's ward. Just as he entered, he was stopped because somebody yelled at him loudly,

"Maximilian, why are you being so late?

Don't you know how dirty and tiring this is?"

When Laura saw Maximilian coming over, she immediately rushed over furiously and pointed at Maximilian's nose!

She was so mad! She had been taking care of this little bastard all morning by herself. She was so tiring!

If it wasn't for the old Griffith's love for Sissi, Laura would never take care of this little bastard.

The daughter of a coward like Maximilian was simply a disgrace to the family!

However, Laura didn't dare to say anything on weekdays, because the old Mr. Griffith treated Sissi as a precious treasure, so she didn’t dare to say anything.

Maximilian acted humbly and said,

"You can go back now. I'll take care of Sissy."

Laura threw what she was holding at Maximilian and gritting her teeth in hatred.

"I'm telling you, although her grandpa allowed you to take care of her, you should always remember that she's one of the Griffiths. If you dare to tell any other people that Sissi is your daughter, I'll slap the hell out of you!"

She said and she glared at Maximilian.

"Why are you standing around? Do your job, now!"

Maximilian hurriedly took the basin and get warm water to wipe Sissi’s face and hands on the hospital bed.

Sissi was very well-behaved. When she saw Maximilian was wiping her hands, she kept smiling. The two dimples made her look even cuter.

Maximilian loved the girl so much. He poked her crystal little nose and gave her a funny face.

Sissy laughed out loud with pleasure. The she called him aloud,



Laura was playing with her phone and viewing bags with her sisters. She immediately stood up and walked over angrily. Then she slapped Maximilian in the face and shouted,