Dragon Master

Chapter 13 Franklin's Conspiracy

Maximilian's eyes were wide opened. The one in front of him was Franklin!

Franklin's looked so taunting. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Maximilian with his head hanging high. Then he arrogantly said,

"Yoo-hoo, Maximilian, you've grown up! How dare you talk to me like that?"


Franklin stepped forward and kicked hard on Maximilian’s chest.

Maximilian took a few steps back with a cold face. Then he covered his chest with his hand.

Rebecca rushed over and asked,

"Son, are you okay?"

"Mom, I'm fine."

Maximilian hurried to pull his mother back.

He did not want his mother to get involved in this. He knew Franklin had deliberately come to pick a fight.

"Mr. Griffith, if my son has done anything wrong to you, I'll make amends on his behalf. Please let him go... he’s your brother-in-law anyway......"

Rebecca held her breath and begged Franklin. Then she forced out a smile.

Franklin frowned as he looked coldly at Rebecca and scolded,

“Get off!”

Who the f*ck are you?

Mother of a coward, a dying woman, why should I listen to you and spare him?"

Saying that, Franklin stood up and was going to slap Rebecca on her face!

Maximilian was mad!

He would never allow her mother to get hurt by anyone!

The mother of the Lord of the Dragon Sect, shall be respected by the world!

He stepped forward and grabbed Franklin's wrist fiercely. Then he scolded in a cold voice,

“How dare you! Franklin!”

That was the first time that Maximilian took it out on Franklin. It had taken a while for Franklin to realize what had happened. Then he put on his taunting smile and called Maximilian’s name.

Then he slapped the other hand on Maximilian the face and yelled,

"Damn you! Why wouldn't I dare?"

"Smash this place for me!"

Franklin slapped over and yelled to the punks behind him.

In a flash, those punks smashed the breakfast shop and made it a ruin.

Maximilian had been standing in front of his mother. Rebecca was wiping her tears crying, staring at Franklin with hatred.

Franklin then put both hands in his trouser pockets and looked at Maximilian. He looked so arrogant and said,

"Maximilian, the Griffiths gave you this old mansion because we pitied on you, remember?

Don't you dare toraise your voice and be rude to me. You don't want to lose this place."

Maximilian frowned when he heard that.

Seeing this expression on his face, Franklin smiled coldly and said,