Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 115: The Beauty Salon Has Problems

Samuel Green was a little stunned when he heard that Nicole Bush was going to the beauty salon.


Shouldn't they search Lucas Bush at this time?


Not long ago, Nicole Bush was so eager to find her son, why is she suddenly going to the beauty salon now?


But his doubts lasted only one second and he understood.


He used to think that women going to beauty salons is right and reasonable, and there is nothing to explore, and because men were forbidden to get inside the beauty salons, Samuel Green never thinks about it in other ways. Seeing the light in Nicole Bush's eyes now, he suddenly understood.


“Do you think there is a problem with the beauty salon?”


“I just want to go and check that out. Since that the entire Seapolis City was almost turned down by you and Jason Don, but there is still no news of Lucas. From the disappearance of Lucas to the present, we have been in full control of all access channels, I don't I believe there are people who dare to confront you and Jason Don at the same time and took Lucas out of the Seapolis City.


The only explanation is that Lucas is still in the Seapolis City, but he was hidden in a corner. Now We have searched everywhere, but this kind of beauty salon, we have not searched it yet. Moreover, Riley George just came to the beauty salon not long ago? Let Jacob Brown check the time Riley George left the beauty salon and the time Lucas was kidnapped. Maybe this two time will perfectly matched. I don't easily doubt a person, but I have to figure it out. If it is really she who did this to my son, I will never let her go!”


Nicole Bush's speculation is well-founded and well-organized, as if all her sensibility was restored overnight.


Her son is still waiting for her to save, she can't mess up with herself.


If there is no target to doubt, she will keep be unreasonable, now that Riley George is the most suspected one, Nicole Bush will never let this suspicion go.


After listening to Nicole Bush, Samuel Green also thought this theory made sense and quickly asked Jacob Brown to check the time when Riley George left the beauty salon last time. It is shocking to find that the time when Lucas Bush disappeared and the time she left the salons was only three hours away.


Nicole Bush was a little excited when she heard this reply.


“I'm going to pretend to go to that beauty salon to make a face. You and Jacob Brown don't need to go in. I will notify you if anything happens.”


Samuel Green took Nicole Bush's hand tightly and said, “Lucas is gone. I am just as anxious as you. I also know that you especially want to find Lucas, but you have to promise me that you must protect yourself first. If you are in a situation that you can do nothing, don't be reckless, come out first, we will work together. Nicole, I have lost you once, and I don’t want to lose you again, because I don't know whether I have the courage to survive if I lose you this time.”


Nicole Bush looked at the tears in Samuel Green's eyes and nodded.


“Relax, I will come back with my son.”


Nicole Bush smiled slightly, a little bit sad.


Samuel Green had someone go and made disguise for Nicole Bush.


Petty on this side always felt very panicked, as if something serious was going to happen, but Zac Neo insisted to go out and listen to the news.


She walked around the beauty salon all by herself, with Samuel Green's reckless behaviors in her mind.


Perhaps the people in the Seapolis City knew Samuel Green as a retired soldier, the heir to the Green Family, and the president of Eternal Group, but only Petty knew Samuel Green's cruelty and cold blood.


She once followed Samuel Green to Yunnan to rescue the Green Family second master Vincent Green, but in that battle, Vincent Green died.


At that time, Samuel Green seemed to be crazy. He broke into the secret base of villains alone and broke the leader's limbs, but kept him awake.


That cruelty and cold blood is a nightmare that Petty can't erase in her life.