Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 114: He is my world

Lucas Bush's small body was trembling with cold, but he lay there motionlessly and waited.


He didn't know who kidnapped him, whether he or she was fierce or not, and he didn't know where it was. He could only pretend dizzy with his eyes closed.


Time passed minutes by minutes, but no one came in. The cold and hungry make Lucas Bush can't help but fall asleep again.


Time is also a painful process for Nicole Bush and Samuel Green.


They were intensively investigating while waiting for the phone to ring, hoping that it was just a kidnapping for extortion, but one night has passed, there was no clues on the phone, and the investigation outside was like a rock sinking into the sea, no news came. As for George and Swift Jerry, the Green Family has not relaxed their vigilance on them, but unfortunately they did not go out at all, there is no clue.


Nicole Bush's uneasiness reached the peak.


“No, I can't wait any longer. I have to go out and try, even in every corner, I have to find him myself!”


Nicole Bush ran out like crazy.


Sleepless all night, her eyes were scarlet, and her face was pale and scary.


Samuel Green hugged her.


“Nicole, it's no use for you to search like a headless fly!”


“I have to go and find even if it's useless. Samuel Green, you're not a mother, you don't know how I feel in my heart. Lucas was born after I risk my life, he is my world. Even if I can't find him, At least I ‘m looking for him on the road. I always feel that I'm guilty to wait at home, I'm sorry for the child. If anything really happen to Lucas, I won't live.”


All of Nicole Bush's strength collapsed completely at this moment.


One afternoon and one night passed. Twelve hours had passed, but Lucas Bush had no news at all. What does this mean? Not only Nicole Bush, but Samuel Green is also very clear.


The chance to find Lucas Bush has greatly reduced.


If he is out of the Seapolis City, the world is so big outside, where should he go to find his son?


He hasn't seen his children for five years, and he just saw his son. Now he is missing in front of him. Samuel Green is even more uncomfortable. But when he sees Nicole Bush, he blames himself even more.


“I'm going out with you!”


Samuel Green's decision shocked Jacob Brown.


“Master Green, no! You are the God of the Seapolis City. If you go out and find it yourself, the Seapolis City will be messed up!”


“If the city messes up, then let it mess up. I'm not a Master Green, nor the sky of the Seapolis City. I'm just a father! A father who has lost his son and just wants to retrieve his son! Notify all the media, just say the young master of the Green family is missing. Send the Lucas photos and tell everyone, who provided the news and clues, the Green Family will be grateful. But if someone touches someone belongs to the Green Family, even if the Green Family is deemed to end, I will let that person pay the price!”