Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 108: I am not used to being served by strange women

Samuel was stunned.


He seemed to be shocked by electric shock. He looked straight at Nicole in a close distance, feeling the softness on his lips, like a fool for a while.


The beautiful eyes indicated shock and surprise.


Nicole is a little embarrassed.


“Close your eyes.”


She growled scornfully.


Samuel did it quickly, like a child. Nicole burst into laughter because of that obedient look.


Samuel actually feels stupid.


He and Nicole have been married for eight years. Although they have been separated for five years. But he is not act like a monk in those three years. Why did this suddenly become like a pure and shy boy?


Samuel just wanted to do something, but felt the sweet fragrance of Nicole rushing into his nose again. The soft touch licked his thin lips gently, like a feather brushing his chest, gently, itchy.


He simply felt extremely thirsty, and his hands had embraced Nicole warmly, turning himself into active. He was no longer satisfied with this kind of tasting, he breathed heavily, and a violent kiss cover Nicole with a fierce momentum.


Nicole feels like electric shocked all over.


She felt like she was a lonely boat on the sea, drifting ups and downs, unable to find directions, and could only pull Samuel's clothe tightly.


Just when these two almost roll together and went off fire, they were interrupted with a slight cough.


“Mummy, is there any soup?”


Lucas's voice was soft, but Nicole quickly pushed Samuel away, almost flushing to her whole neck.




Why did she forget that there are two small fellows in this room?


Such a shy scene being seen by her son, she felt that she really had no courage to turn around and face her son.


Samuel wasn't satisfied by that kiss, but was interrupted by that naughty boy. He raised his head and met Lucas's provocative eyes. He can only put on an innocent look.


This stupid boy is definitely intentional!


“Wait, I'll give you some.”


Nicole almost fled into the room.


Lucas looked at Samuel without speaking, but his mouth made a silent speak.


“You stay away from my mummy!”


This is definitely a warning.


And Lucas's eyes weren't very kind.


For the first time, Samuel felt his son's rejection and aversion to him.


“Lucas, I think we need to talk about it.”


Samuel thinks this matter can be important or they can overlook it, but Lucas just turned around, left him a proud back and didn't care about him anymore.


For a time, Samuel discovered that he was rejected, but was also rejected by his own son.