Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 107: He won't die easily



Hearing Lucas's voice, Nicole was stunned.


“Lucas? Why are you back?”


She and Samuel just returned from the base, but why did Lucas come back?


Lucas ran up panting, picked up the water in the living room and took a few sips. Joseph Green followed him.


“Auntie, did you know that my daddy was in trouble? Which hospital is he in? I'm going to visit daddy.”


Joseph Green's words made Nicole understand immediately.


“Who told you that daddy was injured?”


It has only been one night and one morning since the accident Samuel. Who told the children this news?


And how did the news spread to them when they were training at the base?


Lucas frowned slightly, noticed that there's something wrong in Nicole's words.


“Mommy, you just called us to come back.”


When Lucas said this, Nicole was even more puzzled.


“I called you?”


“Yeah, Instructor Joe said that you called him and said that Samuel is about to die. It's you that call us hurry back to see him for the last time. Mummy, what on earth is going on?”


Lucas saw Nicole shock expression and knew that something was wrong.


Nicole is also very confused.


It is impossible for her to tell the children about Samuel, let alone let the children come back at this time, but who is using her identity to call Macon?


She did not believe that Macon want to do something to Samuel. Although she didn't get along with him for long, she could see the deep feelings between Macon and Samuel.


So who is that?


Nicole was a little uneasy, but she didn't want to show it in front of the children.


She smiled and said, “Samuel is fine. Since you are all back, take a shower and change clothes. I will take you to see him later. Also, Lucas, you shouldn't call Samuel's name in the future, you can Call him uncle.”




Lucas can clearly feel that Nicole is different from the past, especially when talking about Samuel, her gentle eyes make him a little jealous.


It seems that in these few days when he is away, Samuel has worked hard at mommy.




Cunning man!


Lucas was thinking in his mind, but his expression is not obvious. He obediently led Joseph Green to take a bath and change clothes.