Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 104: Don't pretend to be foolish in front of me

Nicole had long guessed that Zoe would ask this question. After all, whether it is Lucas or Zoe, they look like Samuel.


If the three of them stand together, anyone can see the parent-child relationship between them.


But at this moment Nicole didn't know how to tell Same Green's identity to Zoe.




“Is he my daddy?”


Zoe asked anxiously, her tone so urgent.


Nicole suddenly froze.


Is this a telepathy between the child and Samuel?


She wanted to deny it, but when she looked at Zoe's hopeful eyes, she couldn't open her mouth.


“Zoe, can mommy tell you about it when mum go back?”




Zoe was obviously disappointed, but said with a smile, “Mommy, what's wrong with him? Is he sick too? Is it the same as Zoe's? Can he come to the United States to be treat with Zoe?”


For Zoe, the people lying in the hospital are all patients, and the pale face like her may be as sick as her.


Although she didn't know what death was, she knew from Nicole and Lucas's eyes that they would separate sooner or later.


Nicole was repeatedly talked to tears by his daughter's words.


“No, he was injured. It will be better if he cultivates well.”


“Mommy, if I recovered, can I go to see him?”


Zoe automatically called Samuel Uncle. Nicole felt as if she was cut by a knife at the moment.


“Zoe, be good, as long as Zoe listens to the doctor, you will be fine. Let along uncle Samuel, what Zoe wants to do, mommy promises you, you will be able to do it.”


“Mum, you are so nice. Then you must take good care of your uncle, otherwise I won't see him when I go back.”


Zoe's eyes were longing.


Nicole nodded quickly and agreed.


“Good girl, is your godfather coming soon? Tidy up or else if your godfather see you play your mobile phone early in the morning and he will blame you again.”


Zoe heard the words and quickly threw out her tongue.


“Mummy, goodbye.”


“Goodbye baby.”