Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 103: Can I stay with him all the night?

Nicole didn't care about Jason's thoughts. She stood up first and quickly came to the door of the operating room.


“Doctor, how is he?”


Nicole's palm is sweating.


She hasn't felt this way for a long time. The tension seems to be a hundred times or even thousands of times tenser than when she was about to check out in the college entrance examination.


The doctor took off his mask and said with a sigh of relief, “He's fine now, but I'll see if he will have a fever tonight. If he can survive this evening and wake up tomorrow, everything will be okay, if he can't...”


The doctor didn't say anything later, but Nicole still understood.


Tonight is the most crucial night.


“Can I stay with Samuel tonight?”


Nicole knew that Samuel might be sent directly to the ICU due to his serious injury. In the ICU, family members will not be allowed to accompany the patient, but Nicole will not be at ease if she has to simply go back.


She kept telling herself that Samuel was Zoe's only hope. Only when she watched him survived that she can guarantee Zoe still have hope.


The doctor is a little embarrassed.


Jacob came back at this time.


“Let her stay, she is our President Green's fiancée and our future hostess of the Green Family!”


These words of Jacob made Nicole stunned.


Seeing Jacob say this, the doctor quickly show more respect for Nicole.


“Ms. Bush, please put on sterile clothes and follow us into the ICU. But before you enter the ICU, you'd better eat something, because we don't allow family members to eat and drink inside. You know, the patient has nutrient solution.”


Nicole nod at the doctor's words.


Although she is not hungry yet, in order to take care of Samuel, she forced herself to eat something before changing the sterile clothes and following Samuel into the ICU.


Jason wanted to say something at this time, but no one gave him a chance.


Seeing him like this, Jacob said lightly, “Master Don, you'd better wait outside. Miss Bush has said, you can't leave as long as Mr. Green is not out of danger.”


“Bullshit! How can a woman decide where I, Jason, want to go?”


After Jason said this, his bodyguards were a little anxious to act on Jacob.


Whether it is decided by a woman or not, master Don can leave here, why did he still stay here all the time and wait until Samuel come out safely?


But no one dares to say this to Jason, unless he doesn't want to live.