Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 84: She Is My Only One

Samuel was somewhat surprised by Mrs. Don's behavior, but because of this, Samuel was also more cautious.


"Mrs. Don, if you have any trouble, you can say it clearly. This is really not the style of the Don family."


Samuel respected the Don Family, and felt that the Don Family would not do such a shameless thing.


His words made Mrs. Don feel a little ashamed.


Her face blushed, and she sighed and said, "There is no style of the Don Family now. If I have any other way, I would not take this step so shamelessly. Jason Don knew nothing about it. All of this is my plan, and I hope Mr. Green will not involve Jason Don. He is the only kid the Don Family left."


When it came to this, Mrs. Don sighed.


Samuel felt sorry for hearing this.


"Mrs. Don, tell me the truth.”


Mrs. Don took a deep breath and said in a low voice, "It's not that the Don Family is bothering you, but something happened."


"What's up?"


Samuel couldn't figure it out.


The Green Family and Don Family had never had any contact. Although they all served for the country, the Don Family's filed was different from him. After retreating from the army, there was no contact. Samuel really did not know what would be related to the Don Family.


Mrs. Don whispered, "I remember Mr. Green had a wife five years ago?”




Samuel was not surprised that Mrs. Don asked this. After all, everyone knew that Samuel's wife wanted to elope with someone and ended up in a blaze. That thing was so well-known that even kids in this city knew about it.


Mrs. Don sighed and said, "Did Mr. Green find your wife's body?"


"Mrs. Don, what does this matter have to do with your Don Family?"


Samuel frowned slightly, obviously didn't want to talk about this.


Mrs. Don took a photo from her pocket and handed it to Samuel, whispering, "Do you know the man?"


Samuel frowned slightly.


He certainly knew the man!