Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 81: Are You In Love?

This foot could be regarded as fast and ruthless, just dying to kick the opponent directly.


The other party no longer dared to be careless, and quickly revealed his name.


"Wait! Wait! Wait! I am Tim! Be merciful! Beauty! I have no child yet.”


Tim was startled by the cold sweat.


This woman was amazingly explosive. If he didn't say his name, and just waited for her to discover, it was estimated that his life would really be ruined.


Tim was sweating.


Nicole's foot was less than three centimeters away from his cock.


Upon hearing Tim's name, Nicole narrowly stopped her foot, but she almost didn't stand still. Fortunately, there was a table next to her, which temporarily helped her.


“Why are you here?"


Nicole was a little surprised, but also a little bit afraid.


And Tim's cold sweat flushed down his forehead, looking at the male character that he had try so hard to save, and said with a wry smile, "I am so sad, you can't even identify my voice? If this attracts Samuel's people, I'm really dead.”


After talking, Tim sat directly on the ground, gasping.


Nicole was somewhat embarrassed.


"I don't know it's you, didn't you leave?"


"Where am I going? I finally came to Samuel's base. Isn't it too sorry for me to just go back? That nasty Samuel went to the 


Don Family and said that it is all my responsibility. Though


I'm willing to carry this responsibility for you, but I'm a little bit reluctant to be set up by Samuel.”


Tim said angrily.


Nicole's face changed suddenly.


If she was just skeptical of Samuel at the beginning of the talking with Olivia Kent, she was now basically confirmed that it's Samuel who did it.


This man was really mean!


She almost was tricked by his bravery.


If it were not Tim, she might really be guilty of Samuel.


Nicole was very guilty because she involved in Tim.


“Sorry, I get you involved.”


“Hey, I'm willing to do this. But the Don Family is powerful, and it's not so easy to deal with me. Well, don't worry about this. I won't let Samuel walk away easily. Can you do me a favor?"


Tim looked at her.


Nicole knew he must be targeted at Samuel's training base, but when she thought of Samuel's despicableness, even if Tim did something, it was nothing but guilt.


"Well, what should I do for you?"


Nicole found a stool and sat down, and quickly looked outside, only to speak when no one was passing by.


Tim saw her being so cautious and said with a smile, “Relax, they are all on the training ground at this point, and they won't find me. Although the security system here is very powerful, it is useless to me.”


He said proudly.


Seeing him like this, Nicole couldn't help but laugh and said, "Yes, you are the best.”


"Of course!"


Tim is like a bragging boy reminding Nicole of Lucas Bush.


Why did she suddenly feel that these two people were very alike?


Nicole laughed even brighter when she thought of what Tim would do when he knew that she was comparing her son to him.