Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 82: I'm Going to Sleep with You Tonight



Nicole ran there anxiously, and saw Olivia Kent chasing a man with a broom, and the man's figure was somewhat familiar.




Nicole shouted somewhat uncertainly.


As soon as Tim heard the familiar voice, he quickly ran behind Nicole and grabbed her arm tightly, said pitifully, "My dear, hurry up to protect me, this woman is too brutal."


The broom in Olivia Kent's hand was still raised in midair, and she was stunned when she saw Tim and Nicole were so familiar with each other.


"Nicole, do you know him?"


Nicole felt that her head had got really hurt.


"What are you doing here?"


Nicole pulled Tim away from behind.


Tim grieved and said, "You don't want me to stay with you. I have to find a place to stay, otherwise where do I live? It's cold outside. You are so irresponsible to me. Can't I still make a living for myself?"


This made Olivia Kent's mouth wide open.


What the heck?


"Nicole, you and him..."


"No, I have nothing to do with him!"


Nicole quickly explained, and quickly covered Tim's mouth.


This bastard was used to talking nonsense, and he didn't care too much, but there was no guarantee that others would not misunderstand.


At this moment, Lucas Bush's voice rang.


"Mommy, is this the man you're in love with? He doesn't look very good.”


Lucas, like a little man, stood there, with his hands around his chest, and looked at Tim with a scrutiny gesture, his eyes somewhat made Tim feel familiar with.


"You are Catherine's son, right? My name is Tim. Nice to meet you!"


Tim hurried to introduce himself to Lucas Bush.


Lucas Bush didn't appreciate it. He glanced at him and ignored him. Then he came to Nicole and Olivia Kent and said, "When I just came, I saw Instructor Joe coming here. So mommy, what should we do with this man?”


Nicole froze in an instant.


Macon Joe was coming?


In other words, Tim could be exposed at any time, and if exposed, the consequences would be disastrous.


Nicole looked anxiously at Lucas Bush and said, "Do you have any good ideas? Now I can't let anyone know that Tim is here.”


"Ok, I get it.”


Lucas Bush made a grimace at Nicole, then opened Olivia Kent's cupboard and pouted at Tim who was standing on the side.


Tim looked at the narrow cupboard in front of him and asked with some doubt, "Do you want me to hide inside?"


"Or you can choose to hide under the bed, but I can tell you that Instructor Joe likes to check the bed.”


Lucas Bush said lightly, but the voice was a little contemptuous.