Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 72: No Effect on Me



Nicole wanted to explain to Zama, but Zama only left her a decisive back.


It seemed that Zama was really offended.


Nicole sighed, not knowing how to deal with Samuel's self-proclaimed decisions.


She came to the kitchen and planned to get some food by herself, but there was nothing in the kitchen and the refrigerator was empty.


How could the huge Green Family have no spare ingredients?


The only explanation is that Zama started to target at her, and she really would not allow her stay at this house.


Nicole felt a little speechless.


She took out her mobile phone and ordered a takeaway on the phone.


While waiting for the takeaway, Nicole continued to conceive the design in the living room.


The concept of Samuel was actually quite close to hers. At least they were mainly based on safety performance and beautiful appearance. Nowadays, the sports car market was very competitive, and with the increase in people's income level, people's demand for cars had also increased, the cars were not only the previous mobility tools, but also the comfort and diverse tools showing off for their personality.


Nicole knew that Green Family's auto industry is aimed at young people. Naturally, its appearance also needed to be gorgeous and stylish, but now there were limited elements in the car. It was not easy to innovate.


She thought hard and drew a few manuscripts aside, and when she planned to picked up for reading, the manuscripts were gone. Missed?


Nicole frowned slightly.


This was the house of the Green Family. It was simply impossible for someone despicable to come in and steal paintings.


Nicole looked around and found Zama standing not far away and watering flowers. Her brow furrowed slightly.


"Zama, have you seen my scripts?”


Nicole walked over in a wheelchair and asked very peacefully.


But Zama didn't seem to hear Nicole's words. She kept watering those flowers as if Nicole was not here, she didn't care about Nicole at all.


This was also the first time Nicole had been treated coldly by Zama in the Green Family.


Thinking about the previous Zama, she was so kind and gentle. But now? Did she change? Or did Zama changed? Their position was completely different from the beginning.


Nicole took a deep look at Zama and said, "You can look down on me or set me up, but that's the design drawings Samuel needs. You are wrong if you think this can make me awkward in front of Samuel. Without Samuel and the Eternal Group, I can also go back to the United States to be the designer of the H'J GROUP. It has no effect on me, but if Samuel loses this order, you know how much Eternal Group will lose”


Having finished speaking, Nicole pushed the wheelchair back to the room regardless of Zama's reaction.


Zama's face was embarrassed, but she was also hesitating.


When the delivery person arrived, Nicole pushed the wheelchair out to pick up the takeaway, and saw her artwork safely placed in the original position.


She glanced at Zama. Zama was still busy, as if she didn't know about it, but Nicole knew that Zama hadn't changed her attitude toward Samuel.