Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 71: Is This the Reason That You Defeat Me?

Jacob saw Swift's panicked eyes and said blankly, "Miss George made a mistake, and Mr. Green sent Miss George back to reflect on herself. During this span, Miss George's expenses will no longer be paid by the Green Family. If Miss George still couldn't understand what she had done, according to Mr. Green, Miss George would not be permitted to go back. The junior Mr. Green is now grown up, Mr. Green will teach him personally, so we don't bother you. Now that I have delivered her to you, Mrs. Jerry, I will leave first."


Having said this, Jacob turned away without any hesitation.


Swift was completely shocked.


How did that happen?


She slapped Riley in her face.


"What the hell have you done that make Samuel so angry? Don't you know that he is our main finance support? It's been five years, you haven't been able to be Mrs Green, and now you even make Samuel disgust you. What the hell are you doing in these five years?"


Swift's slap was very heavy. Riley was unprepared and fell directly to the ground.


She was so aggrieved, and she immediately started crying.


"I didn't do anything! For the past five years, I have been careful. I have done everything for you and for the George Family! But what did I get? Samuel didn't treat me sincerely in his heart! He never looked at me seriously. You thought he loved me and cherished me when I was pregnant with a child and he took me back to Green Family. In the past five years, you were very happy with the allowance of Green Family and the filial piety I gave you. Do you even care how I live the past five years? Samuel has never touched me neither even let me enter his room! I gave birth to Joseph, heir to the Green Family, but until now, they still call me Miss George, not Mrs. Green! Have you asked me what I was doing in the past five years? Did you forget that I am your daughter, not your cash cow?"


Riley couldn't help crying, as if she was really aggrieved.


Swift had never seen Riley like this.


She had always known that her daughter was the most self-reliant one in the family. She never had to tell anybody what she wanted, because she originally had a very clear goal. But now such a decadent, so wronged Riley, Was she really her daughter?


Was she the one who eager to come back and told her that she was going to marry the Green Family and bring their family with a beautiful future?


Swift was completely stunned. It took a while to come back to reality.


"I just slap you when I am really angry. Why are you really crying? You are a mother, what will other people think of you if they see this? Get up and tell me, what the hell is going on?"


Swift lifted up Riley and helped her sit on the sofa.


Being comforted by her mother, she felt even more wronged, but she also knew that she had to tell Swift her current situation and let Jerry help her figure a way out.


When she told Swift everything, Swift frowned tightly.


"You didn't check who that Catherine was and where she came from?"