Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 64: You were so domineering just now

Nicole Bush felt quite speechless.


She just made an appointment with someone else, why did she need to be ashamed? Besides, she has nothing to do with Samuel Green now?


“Zama, Samuel Green can go to see Riley George. I'm going out to meet a friend. Did you have to do this? Besides, I'm not Samuel Green's girlfriend. Are you a bit excessive for me?”


Nicole Bush did not intend to have a bad relationship with Zama. After all, this woman was really good to her five years ago, but now she really feels that Zama is unreasonable.


Zama became even more angry when she heard Nicole Bush say this.


“Mr. Green brought you back to Green Family. You are his girlfriend. Besides, he is so good to you. How can you treat him like this? Miss George also gave birth to the heir of the Green Family. what's wrong for Mr. Green to visit her since she had an accident? You have such a small heart; and you can't have a peaceful relationship with Miss George? “


Nicole Bush became angrier.


“Zama, I'll say it again. I don’t need you to take care of my affairs. You don't have a position to make comment about my affairs. First, I didn’t marry Samuel Green. I have my freedom to make friends. Second, even if I do have a relationship with Samuel Green, everything needs to under our control, they have nothing to do with you. If you keep doing things like this, I can tell Samuel Green, who will be scold in your imagination?”


Nicole Bush didn't want to say that, but Zama's unreasonable sayings made her a little annoyed.


She just wants to get rid of Zama quickly, who knows what she said actually stimulated Zama.


“I tell you, no matter how Mr. Green treats you, as a woman of the Green Family, you have to consider every benefit of Mr. Green first. Just like our previous wife, respect Mr. Green and think him as the most important man in your life. Or else you aren't worthy to be the woman of the Green Family!”


Nicole Bush was stunned.


It turned out the reason why Zama used to treat her well is all because she was considering Samuel Green first.




Zama is Samuel Green's nanny. She raised Samuel Green since he was a child and naturally protects Samuel Green. She is stupid, thinking that Zama is good to her is simply for her good. She forgot, on the other perspective, Zama, treat Samuel Green as a son, and she is just a daughter-in-law.


The mother-in-law is not her mother. How could she feel that between the son and the daughter-in-law, Zama would love her, a daughter-in-law, more?


Nicole Bush figured this out, and suddenly felt how pathetic she was at first.


Those eyes she looked at Zama slightly changed.


After all, it was because she was so stupid five years ago that she couldn't see through people clearly.


She sneered and said, “Zama, I have no interest in being a woman of your Green Family! You quickly tell Samuel Green and let me go.”


“You! A despicable woman! You are playing with flames! You...”


Zama might have been really provoked and raised her arm suddenly, but was shocked by Nicole Bush's freezing eyes.


“You dare to touch me today! I'm not Riley George, I don't want to marry Green Family, if you touch me, no matter what Samuel Green will do to you, I will scrap your hand first, do you believe it? *


The anger of Nicole Bush made the temperature around her dropped, making Zama doesn't dare to drop her arm for a long time.


Nicole Bush snorted and pushed the wheelchair out of the Green Family.


As soon as she opened the door, she saw Tim Louis standing at the door, with a nasty smile on his face, saying, “Beauty, did anyone tell you, you were just domineering!”