Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 63: Cheat on his back

Zama heard the crazy voice of Riley George, she knew that her purpose was achieved.


She whispered, “Miss George, I don't like you very much, but I know that you are really good for our family and Samuel. Anyway, I have told you the situation. As for whether you want to make Mr. Green fall in love with you again or not, that depends on you. It’s been five years after all and you are not young any more. The outside world knows that you are a woman of the Green Family. If you got kicked away by this woman, depend on your age, you will not find a successful family to married.”


After talking, Zama hung up the phone.


Riley George threw the phone directly.


She was indeed not young anymore!


A woman has passed her prime time when she is over thirty years old. Moreover, in order to give birth to Joseph Green, she almost died of a hemorrhage. She has suffered so much. How can she be kicked of it by an unknown woman?


Samuel Green is hers!


Green Family is also hers!


No one can stop her from staying at Green Family as Mrs. Green!


Riley George's eyes were red, and she wanted to leave, but Samuel Green's bodyguard had guard here perfectly, and even a fly couldn't get out of here!




It seemed impossible to return to the Green Family through Joseph Green. Zama also said that Joseph Green was sent out for special training.


So, who else can help her?


Catherine had only known Samuel Green for a few days, she can make Samuel Green to gather her into the Green Family home and even cook for her. What can she do that!


Riley George couldn't sit still more and more.


Her eyes slipped a bit of vulgarity.


You can't catch wolves unless you bear the pain of losing a child!


Riley George came up with a plan and hurried to the kitchen.


After Samuel Green dried Nicole Bush's hair, he saw her arm is outside the quilt and he quickly covered her with the quilt.


Seeing Nicole Bush sleeping, he really wanted to stay, even wanted to hug her to sleep, but he just thought about it.


It's not easy for Nicole Bush to stay here, he can't stimulate her.


Samuel Green lowered his head, gently kissed Nicole Bush on the forehead, said goodnight, and then got up and left.


The moment the door closed, Nicole Bush opened her eyes, with a clear and peaceful mood.


She wiped the kiss mark on her forehead violently, and fall asleep again.