Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 59: She doesn't want anybody even including me?



Thinking carefully about those days for three years, Nicole seems to have never left here. She has not been involved in Samuel's life and career. She has never even been to the Eternal Group. Everyone knew that when he got married, Samuel married Nicole. She was a woman cheat Samuel into marriage by despicable means. But Samuel didn't even think about rectifying her reputation. Three years of marriage, no matter it was seemed from the outside world, or from his own perspective, Mrs. Nicole seems to be just a name.


The wedding was extremely simple, and Nicole married the Green Family with such an embarrassing attitude. For this reason, his mother, Mrs. Green, went straight to settle abroad. He did not return in three years. Since Nicole is not pregnant in three years, it's impossible for Mrs. Green to fancy her.


Now think about it, when Nicole married him, she seemed to have nothing except him. The incident that year caused the Bush family remove Nicole from the family, and even broke her relationship with her family. She married the Green Family so resolutely, what did she get?


Samuel was speechless for a while.


He always felt that he was really good to Nicole. Although she wasn't the woman he wanted, but after that happened, he married her, gave her the identity of Mrs. Green, and he always kept himself away from other women after marriage. He thought it was the greatest gift to Nicole, but now looking at Nicole, which is different from the previous one, Samuel knew he was wrong.


Perhaps the reason why Nicole has become what she is today and be separated from his son for five years is him! Perhaps all this is because of him. Now facing Nicole's questioning eyes, Samuel whispered rarely, “Yes. I was sorry for her before, I gave her too much burden and made her lost too much, but I didn't know anything, even enjoy her love for granted. I gave her too little love, not even a serious wedding, let alone a wedding photo. If God can give me another chance, I must treat her well, even twice better than before. I will pay her back what I owed her. I only know now that this family is no longer a home

without her.”


Nicole's heart suddenly hurt.


She couldn't believe Samuel would say these words before, but now she suddenly feels uncomfortable.


She didn't turn over her head, sneered and said, “Mr. Green seems to say this to the wrong person, you should say these things to your wife, not me.


You say you want to be good to her, but now let me, a strange woman, entered your bedroom and even live here. Is this what Mr. Green said to be good to your wife?“


Samuel did hear Nicole's mocking tone, but he didn't care. For him, as long as Nicole is back, everything is fine.


“You get used to here first. I'll go out and ask Zama to cook something for you. You will live here in the future.”


With that said, Samuel turned around and walked out.


Nicole face turn dark when he left the room.


Does Samuel learn to play mazes with her now?


He knew who she was, but he didn't point it out, and even said these words to her, did he think the previous Nicole who was silly in love with him before is coming back?