Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 60: You Are the First

“Sir, you really...”


“Just do as I said. Zama, as I told you before, just treat her as my wife.”


Samuel's tone was a little cold.


Zama asked puzzledly, “Sir, what is her identity? Even if you want to remarry, you can't throw away the things from your previous wife, right?”


Samuel rubbed his temples and sighed. “Put everything in the warehouse and find a dry place to store them.”




Zama couldn't see Samuel be so stressed.


When will Samuel, who has always been a proud man, compromise for a woman? Even the original wife, Nicole, who loved Mr. Green so much, didn't he let him compromise himself?


What capability does this Catherine got!


Zama's eyes were red, apparently distressed.


Samuel's feelings towards Zama are different from Mrs. Green. When Mrs. Green gave birth to him, senior Mr. Green died, and responsibility of running the grand Eternal Group fell on Mrs. Green's shoulders.


At that time, Mrs. Green was busy with the company’s operation and dealing with those old shareholders, and she could not care about Samuel. Samuel didn't recognize who his biological mother was for a long time, just remembered that Zama was the one stay with him every day to comfort him and take care of him. Later, Mrs. Green stabilized the company, so she had the time to look after her son, but found that Samuel was not willing to get close to her, only to be close to Zama. For this reason, Mrs. Green was angry, and even thought about firing Zama.


Later, it was Samuel who begged hard to let Zama stay, but Mrs. Green saw that she was sincere to Samuel, so she gave her son to her peacefully.


Looking at the distressed woman who had a special meaning to him, Samuel said in a rare soft voice, “Zama, I know what I'm doing. At first Nicole was so kind to me, you know better than anyone, but I don't I know, I have lost so many years and I missed her. Now I have encountered Catherine, and I want to work with her forever, I don’t want to make myself regret any more, Zama, you know? She is the one in my life! The Daughter-in-law of the Green Family!”


Zamass body trembled slightly.


She rarely heard such words from Samuel, now that he said this , means the status of Catherine in the Green Family has been set.


Although it was unfair to Nicole, Zama sighed and retreated, and arranged for people to start decorating as Nicole ordered.


Nicole herself wanted to block Samuel. She didn't believe that a man who had been used to the bedroom for eight years would agree to change his style, but what made her unexpected was that Samuel agreed!


Watching Zama bring her servants in and out of the room and removed everything she had removed, and then replaced her with the pure red color as she said. Nicole was tangled.


She was going to bother others. but didn't expect that the red color of this room now makes it look like the night of a wedding house.


“I suddenly regretted it, and found that these colors are very dazzling. Change them all. No matter what the color is, it will be as long as it is not red.”


Nicole knows how annoying he is now, but what? Wouldn't it be better if Samuel could hate her?


Or maybe she wants to see how Samuel can compromise himself!


What was the man planning who was once so indifferent and proud?


Zama was almost mad by Nicole's words.


The maid at home arranged the room according to her instructions, and they had to change due to her sentence. This is simply unreasonable!


Just when Zama was about to get angry, Samuel came in.