Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 44: I had no hope on you

“Miss Bush, Mr. Green has asked me about the paternity test. What should I respond to this?”


When Dr. Allan called, Nicole was talking to Olivia. When Dr. Allan asked about this, her eyes narrowed slightly.


“Are the results of the paternity test coming out?”


“That will come out tomorrow.”


“Then tell Samuel the truth.”


Nicole said lightly. She didn't think it is a big deal, but this made Dr. Allana little confused.


“Miss Bush wants Mr. Green to know Master Bush's identity?”


“Well, just do as what I say.”




Dr. Allan hung up the phone. Olivia's mouth widened in surprise. Before she asked, Dr. Johnson's phone came in.


“Ms. Bush, Master Green took a piece of your hair and let me compare it with your previous hair. He asked me to deal with it urgently just now. What should I do?”


Nicole paused.


She didn't expect Samuel to act so fast, thankfully Dr. Johnson was under her control.


“Just tell him the truth. The purpose I came back this time is to let him know. But I can't tell him myself, and I need Samuel to find me. Just give him the most realistic data. Dr. Johnson, thank you.”


Nicole showed a lot of respect for Dr. Johnson.


Dr. Johnson smiled and said, “Ms. Bush, please don't be so modest. If Ms. Bush hadn't saved my son, I would have lost my child in middle-aged. I know I'm guilty to Mr. Green. After returning this favor to Miss Bush, I will also resign and leave the Green Family, and emigrate abroad with my wife and children. I just hope that Miss Bush will be happy in the future.”


“Thank you, Dr. Johnson. Thank you so much.”


“Miss Bush, one more word, Mr. Green is not as ruthless as you think. In the past five years, I have seen clearly how he treats himself. There is nothing between him and Miss George. Miss Bush, there may be something that you misunderstand Mr. Green. No matter what you want to do, I hope you don't do things that made you regret.”


Dr. Johnson said gently.


Nicole said with a wry smile, “Dr. Johnson, I understand the most about relationship between he and me. Is your immigration settled? What can I help you?”


“No, I've already taken care of that. Miss Bush, bye.”




Nicole hung up the phone, feeling somewhat lost.


Dr. Johnson has worked as a family doctor at Green Family for a lifetime. If it wasn’t for her, he would probably be nursing at Green Family. But she really had to do something more important.