Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 45: Riley was not my woman

“You leaving?”


Suddenly Samuel was reluctant to Lucas. This mood was really contradictory and tangled, knowing that the result has not yet came out, but it was determined in his heart that he was his own son, otherwise why was he against himself so much?


It seemed that only by thinking so, his heart can be settled a little, and his psychological guilt and regret can be lessened.


Lucas looked at the coat in his hand, knowing he was going out, but he only nodded slightly.


Joseph ran out of the room, shouting as he ran, “Lucas, please come and visit me tomorrow!”


As soon as he looked up, he saw Samuel standing there, suddenly he became a little cramped.




Joseph hastened his childishness, standing there fairly well.


Seeing him like this, Lucas whispered, “Be nice to your son. Since you're a dad, you must act like a dad.”


After saying this, he turned around and left.


Samuel froze a little. Was he be taught by a kiddo?


Was it really good for a little child over four years old to speak in such a grown-up style?


“Go back and lie down! Your mommy will be back in a while. Let her make something delicious and help you recover. I'll go out for a while and I won't come back at noon.”


These words were spoken to Joseph, but Samuel didn't lift his head and walked away, as if to chase Lucas.




Joseph watched Lucas’s back with regret..


He really wanted to go out and had fun with Lucas.


But Daddy was so dictatorial.


Forgot it, and he can just lie back and play the game Lucas designed for him.


Lucas went out, and Olivia was waiting for him at the door.


“Boy, don't you think you are playing for too long? You don't even worry about me and your mum being worried about you.”

Samuel followed him as he spoke.


“Let's go back to the hospital.”


Then he took Lucas's hand, but was dragged by Olivia.


“Mr. Green, don't you think you are too busy? It's almost noon. You should stay at home for lunch. Catherine is just fine, she didn't need you.”


Samuel's hand grabbed an empty space, and his expression was a little dissatisfied, but Olivia ignored him and pulled Lucas into the car.


“You, as a young people, don't know that how the society works. How dare you to take his ride. Aren't you afraid to be kidnapped and you can't find your mum ever?”


Olivia said something harsh.


Samuel's anger was accumulating, but he said nothing. He got in his car and drove out.