Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 34 What did you just call her?

“Olivia, you'd better not talk to me in this manner. I don’t want her to have an accident.”

Samuel was in a very unstable mood, but because Olivia was Nicole's friend, he was trying to suppress it.

Olivia was ungrateful and said coldly, “don’t you want to? Fortunately, you don't want to, or Catherine will be burned like Nicole five years ago.”


Samuel was like an enraged lion. His eyes turned red.

Everyone in Seapolis knew Nicole was a taboo to Samuel. Except for Olivia, no one would dare mention Nicole, let alone the fire, in front of him. Now Olivia was challenging Samuel's self-control.

When Samuel was about to lose control, Lucas said faintly, “Mommy is allergic to cephalosporin.”


Samuel didn’t hear Lucas call Nicole, but he heard that she was allergic to cephalosporin.

“Did you just say she is allergic to cephalosporin? Why didn't anyone tell me?”

He never knew Nicole was allergic to cephalosporin. He only remembered that she seldom had a cold. Even if she had a cold, she just drank more water and took less medicine.

He used to think Nicole was intentional or trying to seduce him into caring for her. He sniffed at her at first, but then he cared about her a little.

He just let the housekeeper take care of her.

They had been married for years but he didn’t know his wife was allergic to cephalosporin!

Samuel was upset and had other emotions. It seemed that a wild animal was tearing his heart.

Olivia had no sympathy for him.

“President Green, you don't have to know what Catherine is allergic to. What's your relationship with Catherine?”

“Olivia, you'd better shut up while I tolerate you, or..."

“What will you do? Will you use your power to treat me like you did to Nicole five years ago?”

Olivia didn’t hide her anger.

When she thought of Nicole’s five years of suffering, she wanted to kill the man in front of her.

Samuel got angry and walked up and said, “do you think I dare not?”

“Enough! Go out if you want to fight!”

Lucas gave a sudden roar.

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Samuel was anxious.


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her, but Olivia stopped him. Lucas walked over and stood in front of Nicole’s bed. He took Nicole’s hand and said, “Mommy, stop sleeping.

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Samuel was sad.


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“Don't talk nonsense.”

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