Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 33 We are friends


Samuel rarely met such an opponent. He was serious. Jacob stood by him and didn't dare breathe.


He had been Samuel's assistant since he graduated from college. He had never seen Samuel so serious. Jacob was ashamed of this thorny problem.


Lucas did everything he could, but in the end he was caught by Samuel’s program.




Lucas wanted to quit but he couldn't. He unplugged the power immediately, but he knew his IP address would be found soon.


Sure enough, Samuel said to Jacob, “check the IP address immediately. If you let him escape again this time, you can retire early.”


Jacob dared not neglect. He immediately asked the technology department to investigate it, and Lucas left the computer room and was glad that he was in kindergarten rather than at home, otherwise he would be miserable.


He had been a genius since he was born. Sometimes he didn’t care about powerful hackers, let alone his peers. He didn’t expect Samuel to look like a dandy but he had great computer skills.


He didn't want to admit that Samuel was strong, but he had to. This ambivalence made him uncomfortable. He walked out of the computer room unhappily and saw Joseph running over.


“Lucas, you're here. I heard that your mommy had an accident. Is she OK? Why don't you visit your mother?”


Joseph liked Lucas very much and always felt that Lucas made him feel at ease.


Lucas looked at his sincerity and frowned again.


He found Joseph really easy to get along with. He didn't like that he was Samuel’s son but he had to touch him.


Suddenly, he squinted and came up with a plan.


“Joseph, I just watched an animation in the computer room, but I can't let the teacher know. Do you want to watch it?”


“Yes! Don't worry, I promise I won't tell the teacher.”


Joseph was immediately happy.


He didn't really like learning. He was Samuel's son, so the teachers and the dean were afraid of him and his peers didn't like playing with him.

Only Lucas was kind to him and willing to play with him. He wanted to be with Lucas every day. Now he heard that Lucas was going to take him to watch an animation, so he was very happy.


Lucas took his hand and went into the computer room and turned on the computer again. He didn’t quit his account because he knew that from now on his account was no longer available.


to Eternal Group. No one’s going to embarrass you. But I’m new. If the teachers or other people know that I didn't have a class and watched animation in the computer


Lucas whispered.


would be fired, which meant that he would


I won't tell anyone


not tell your


Lucas blinked slyly.


the chest and said, “don't worry. Even if my dad hit me, I won't


are my good


patted him on the shoulder and


and the technicians quickly found the IP address,


Green, it’s


Samuel frowned again.


had a feud with


“Drive me there.”


got into the car without


was not short


didn't dare to delay. He drove Samuel to the


teacher met Samuel and were a


in the computer


Samuel asked directly.


was a little confused, but she immediately said, “no one is


went coldly to the


in the dark and looked at them. He quickly returned


the computer room with Jacob, he saw Joseph looking at the cartoon on the computer


Jacob was stunned.




didn't believe Joseph had such great computer


Samuel was angry.




not loud,


chair. He saw Samuel and Jacob. Behind Jacob were the dean and the teacher and


are you


here instead


got angry with Joseph, but this


felt Samuel's anger. He was shaking with fear,

Lucas had said before

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