Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 219: You Must Comfort Me

“No! Nicole, I came back at midnight. You just gave me a cold shower. Now, what the hell is it that you left me alone in the room?”


Samuel was extremely wronged.


Nicole paused for a moment. Joseph quickly hugged her arm and said pitifully, "Mommy, I'm so cold. Zoe must feel cold in the 

room, too”


“Oh, yes’


Nicole remembered Zoe, so she turned to Samuel and said, “Go sleep in your room. I'm going to carry Zoe out. It's too cold inside”




Samuel was depressed.


Joseph hid in Nicole's arm and secretly stuck out his tongue to make a face at Samuel.


Daddy deserved it!


He was so mean to him just now.


Samuel looked at Joseph's complacent expression. And he just wanted drag this bad boy over and beat him up.


After Nicole carried Joseph into the inner room, Joseph came down from her embrace.


“Mommy, I wonder if Zoe has caught a cold when she goes out today. We have to take good care of her tonight”


This once again shook Nicole to the core, which had just been shaken.




She hadn't figured out what it had to do with Viola. But Zoe had taken some time to get there. So, she was worried if Zoe had 

caught a cold.


Nicole planned to accompany Samuel after coaxing the children. But now she was troubled after hearing Joseph's words.


Seeing her troubled expression, Joseph secretly laughed.


Daddy deserved it. He had scolded him!


Joseph thought to himself: I’m not letting Mommy go back tonight!


Nicole didn’t know his little plans.


She carried Zoe out and found Samuel was still there. He stared at Nicole with an aggrieved expression.


Nicole just looked away and didn't dare to look at him, especially at the injury on his head. It made her feel even guiltier.


But thinking of Zoe, Nicole gritted her teeth and said to Samuel, “You go back to rest now. I will sleep with Zoe and Joseph 

tonight. Don't catch a cold”


After she finished speaking, she placed Zoe on the bed. But she was somewhat in a hurry and did not dare to look back at 



Seeing Samuel's aggrieved expression, Joseph secretly smiled. Then, he said to Nicole, “Mommy, my stomach is upset. Did I 

eat too much tonight?"


“Really? Is your stomach aching? Let me look”


Nicole carried Joseph to the stool, gently rubbed his stomach and asked softly, “Where does it hurt? Do you want to see a 



Samuel was also a little worried, but he suddenly met Joseph's smiling eyes. Then he understood.


“Joseph, how dare you..”


“Ah! My stomach hurts”


Joseph hugged his belly and almost fell into Nicole's arms. His small hand tightly grabbed Nicole's arm and screamed.


This frightened Nicole.