Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 220: I'm Yours and I Love You

“I don't know. I didn’t see him clearly. A person passed by, and then you appeared”


Nicole sighed.


If there wasn't such an accident, how would she treat Samuel as a thief?


Samuel did not continue on that and whispered, “Sleep quickly. I am here. Everything will be fine”




Nicole had a long day, especially when she was chasing after Viola. Later, she had another accident, which made her tired. 


Nicole slowly closed her eyes. She sensed Samuel's breath and heard his heartbeat.


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An even breathing sound could be heard. Nicole had already fallen asleep, but Samuel did not feel sleepy.


This kind of things happened one after another. Who was the one behind the scene?


And what did he mean by tricking Nicole?


Samuel's thoughts were the same as Nicole's. This person was definitely still in the sanatorium. However, this person must be 

somebody as he was able to sneak in and monitor Nicole without being noticed.


Who could it be?


Samuel could not figure out.


He looked up at the ceiling. He turned off the lights. Then, a flickering spot attracted Samuel's attention.


Samuel gently moved Nicole away from his embrace, and then covered her with the quilt. He stood up and quickly grabbed towards the flickering spot.


Perhaps it was because his moves were so fast that he grabbed it in his hand.


When Samuel saw that it was a camera, he immediately understood.


Perhaps it was not someone who was watching. Instead, electronic eyes were employed to monitor Nicole. They intentionally 

caused her to panic.


Samuel quickly connected the camera to his computer. Unfortunately, the other party was very vigilant and had cut off the 

power supply. Samuel could only look at it and sigh.


Who did this?


He looked at the camera and thought over.


He did have a suspect, but he just felt that it was impossible.


Could it be Allen?


But why did he kidnap Nicole's parents?


Samuel could not figure it out. Could it be that he wanted Nicole to go back to him? Or was there another purpose?


As time passed, the bodyguards had returned.


Samuel went out to inquire about the situation, but as expected, there was no useful information.


Since this person was able to sneak into the sanatorium, he must be very familiar with this place. Otherwise, he should hide in 

this sanatorium. Thinking of that, Viola attracted Samuel's attention.


Maybe we should start with this woman.


“Investigate Viola”


Hearing that, the bodyguard nod slightly, and then said in a low voice, “President Samuel, Viola's face is injured. She said that 

she was injured during the experiment. She is currently recovering in the sanatorium, but I am not sure whether she looks much different now?


“Such a coincidence?”