Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 211: Who Did He Offend

The sun seemed to be ashamed of the scene and slowly hid behind the clouds. Samuel and Nicole were holding each other closely when a childish voice sounded.


“Daddy, Mommy. Are you kissing? I also want kissing!”


They didn't notice Zoe, whose voice scared them.


Samuel quickly withdrew his hand from inside Nicole's clothes when he heard Zoe's voice.


Nicole jumped up from Samuel's thigh as if she had been struck by lightning.


“Zoe, why are you here?”


Nicole felt her face hot as if it was burning.


She didn’t know what Zoe had seen. It was so embarrassing.


Samuel was also embarrassed. It was terrible to be caught by his daughter. He was almost scared into becoming a eunuch.


Zoe blinked her big eyes and said innocently, “Joseph had gone to the bathroom, so I came here for daddy and mommy. But what were you doing just now? Are you kissing? I want it!”


As she spoke, Zoe was about to climb onto Samuel.


Samuel was almost embarrassed to death.


He hadn't calmed down yet. If Zoe noticed it, how could he explain it?


“Zoe, your daddy has something else to do. He needs to go to the bathroom. Let me play with you for a while, OK?”


The president of the Eternal Group should want to run away when facing his four-year-old daughter.


It should have been amusing, but Nicole couldn't laugh out as she felt embarrassed.


But Zoe seemed to like Samuel very much. She hurriedly grabbed Samuel's hand and said, “Daddy, I'll go to the bathroom with you.”




Samuel was frightened.


“Why not? You don't like me?”


Zoe was about to cry.


Samuel hurriedly coaxed her and said, “No, Zoe. You are a girl. Boys and girls can't go to the bathroom together, understand?”


“Then why can mommy go to the bathroom with daddy?”


Nicole was speechless.


Had she ever been to the bathroom with Samuel?


Samuel blushed. No matter how cheeky she was, she couldn't explain to Zoe facing her innocent eyes.


“Well, daddy and mommy are different.”


“What's the difference? Aren't we a family?”


Zoe was not ashamed to ask questions. She intended to get to the bottom of it.


Samuel looked at Nicole pleadingly, but Nicole ignored him and looked away.




How should he explain to Zoe?


Samuel was a little depressed.