Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 212: If You Can't Do It, I'll Do it

Samuel was about to cry.


He turned around and saw Joseph stand there with his hands crossed around his chest and look at him coldly.


“Brat, what are you doing here?”


Samuel felt that his dignity had completely disappeared in the past few years.


Joseph snorted, “If you want to kiss mommy, can you go back to your room next time? Don't you know that we are still minors? Is it really good to harm us like this?”


Samuel was stupefied by Joseph's question.


“Brat, you're looking for a beating, aren't you?”


Samuel was a little embarrassed and angry. He raised his arm and glared at Joseph.


Joseph was so scared that he ran away and said, “If you use force to suppress us, we won't surrender! If you dare to kiss mommy in front of us again, I will photograph you and post it online. Let's see who is embarrassed at that time!”


After saying that, he didn't stop for a moment and ran out.


Samuel felt that his life became dim.


This brat wanted to photograph him and Nicole kissing.


How dare he did that?


Then Samuel thought of Lucas.


Not only did that brat film him, he even dared to pee on his face.


He missed Lucas very much.


He was her son!


Samuel took out his phone and dialed a group of numbers according to his memory.


For a while, it was an empty number. Now he suddenly got through. Samuel's heart beat faster.


The phone rang for a long time but no one answered it.


Samuel gradually calmed down.


Maybe the user of this number had already been changed, or perhaps he who was at the other end didn’t know him at all.


An unprecedented sense of loss made Samuel feel pain.


Sitting on the bench in the corridor, he thought of Vincent's bloody body.


How could he survive with such a weak body?


Perhaps the fact that Vincent was still alive was just a lie made up by Laurel. It made Nicole and him feel at ease.


Samuel smiled bitterly.


Not long after, his phone rang.


When Samuel saw the familiar number, he was ecstatic.