Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 188: I Would Stay with You

Jacob left, but Samuel did not come in. He knew that Nicole was in a bad mood. Anyone who encountered this, could not calmly accept. Like her, it was better. At least she was not that depressed.


Samuel comforted himself, but still felt the pain.


He wanted to smoke, but refrained.


When Laurel came in, she saw her son like this and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong with you? Did you quarrel?"


He shook his head and said, "I would rather we had a fight at least so she would not shut herself off.”


"Give her time. Any woman going through something like this would be devastated. I will tell Joseph not to bring Zoe here in these days. Let her rest in peace, and that is what the Green family owes her.”


Laurel was also a woman and she knew that what a blow it would be for a woman to lose her child and then have something like this happen to her.


"If she is still sad, I will comfort her. Okay?"


Laurel was satisfied with this daughter-in-law.


He shook his head and said, "We can take care of this by ourselves. Mom, don't worry about us. When I get the results of your physical exam, whatever it is, you are going to follow my instruction.”


Laurel smiled and shook her head.


"So much has happened to you. Don't worry about me. Let's wait until the results come out.’


After Laurel left, Samuel was left alone at the door again.


He stood here and kept looking in. But it was quiet that he felt uneasy.


“Nicole, are you still here? Nicole?"


Samuel was distracted.


He started knocking, but no one answered him. He was so scared and opened the door, seeing that Nicole was retching on the toilet.


There was a glass of water on the table and some of water stains had spilled. Obviously, she wanted to drink water, but she could not stand vomiting again.


Samuel felt sorry for her.


He quickly stepped forward and patted her back, hoping she would feel better.


"If you really can't stand it, give it up. And don't make things difficult for yourself. The doctor also said that we have to treat this disease with patience. I will ask the doctor to give you some nourishing liquid first. Can we treat it little by little?”


Nicole panted and sat straight down on the floor. She looked at Samuel and said, "How long? A week? A month? A year? I can't let myself go on like this and I have to stand up on my own. I have Zoe and have to find Lucas. Also, I want to stay with you for my whole life. However, I don't want to accompany you in my current state. I have my pride, do you understand?"


There were tears in her eyes.


She tried her best but why she could not recover.