Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 187: Everything Was Gone

Samuel made minced pork congee with preserved eggs Nicole liked very much, but when he came in, he didn't find her.


Then he suddenly was in fear.


Did someone take away Nicole again under his nose?


"Nicole, Nicole!”


Samuel was in a panic.


He howled her name and looked for Nicole everywhere, but he heard something in a weak voice in the room.


“lam here.”


Samuel was stunned.


He clearly heard about Nicole, but he couldn't see her.


“Nicole, where are you?”


Samuel put the porridge on the table, quietly listening in order to find where Nicole was. But after a long time, he did not hear her reply.


He felt that he must have auditory hallucinations.


Nicole wasn't here. He didn't know who had taken her away.


Samuel wanted to stand up anxiously, but suddenly found that someone grabbed his foot.


He suddenly looked down and saw Nicole was scared under the bed.


Samuel was so shocked that he wanted to pity her.


"What are you doing?" he asked.


He did not blame Nicole, and pulled her out of there.


Nicole sat on the bed like a kid who did something wrong, not knowing where to put her hands.


She did not know how to say to Samuel.


It was very disgusting for him to see who she was, Nicole thought.


Living with Allen, she couldn't hide herself. The happiest thing was when there was no one at night, she was alone, looking at 

the ceiling all night till dawn every day.


Although it was boring, but it made her feel safe in the night.


But now faced with Samuel like this, Nicole suddenly felt embarrassed.


Nicole was no longer generous and confident. She even didn't know how to tell Samuel about this.


When Nicole was silent, Samuel felt as if a knife were piercing his heart.


"I made your favorite porridge. Just eat it a little, OK?"


Samuel went on over this topic, and he still looked at Nicole tenderly. However, it made Nicole stared down directly.


"Im sorry.’ Nicole said.