Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 178: Different Marrow Match

Zoe fell asleep very quickly.


Samuel covered her well with quilt, and left the ward noiselessly, and he saw Joseph was wiping his tears secretly standing in front of the window of the corridor.


He sighed slightly and scooped up Joseph in front of him.


“Do you think of Lucas again?”


With Samuel's words, Joseph couldn't help but start crying on his shoulder.


“Daddy, do you think Lucas will come back? Where did he go? Why isn't there any news? Our Green Family has so many resources, but why can't we find his whereabouts? I am so afraid, Daddy. What if Lucas won't come back?”


Samuel's nose twitched.


He pressed Joseph's head tightly on his shoulder, with two eyes already moist.


“No, Lucas will be fine and he will come back some day.”


“But I missed him very much. Sister Zoe will have the operation soon and Lucas always cares about her illness. Why doesn’t he come back at this time?”


Joseph cried with his body trembling.


Since Lucas disappeared, Joseph seemed to have changed a lot. Except that he smiled in front of Zoe, his look at other times was always distressing.


Samuel felt sad, but he could only comfort Joseph and said, “After Zoe recovers from the illness, we will go to find Lucas together. Don’t cry. You have grown up. You should believe Lucas will come back and miracle will happen for sure. God will not be so cruel.”


He didn't know if these words were said to Joseph or to himself. The current feeling of weakness was really driving him crazy.


Unexpectedly, Joseph fell asleep after crying on Samuel's shoulder for a while.


After coming to the US, this boy didn't have a good rest. He was always worried about Zoe and strained his heartstrings too tightly. Now he was exhausted after venting, and gradually fell asleep.


Samuel lifted him back to the ward, put him together with Zoe and covered the quilt.


At this moment, the doctor came in.


“Mr. Green, I have something to talk with you”


“It's about Zoe?”


Samuel's heart suddenly tightened.


The doctor nodded.