Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 179: What's This?

“What's this?”


Samuel looked at the appraisal report in front of him, with voice a little depressed.


The doctor whispered, “Mr. Green, we did do some investigation and match to the donated marrow at first, but it was really inappropriate for Zoe’s need. We didn't intend to show you this report, but now that you have contacted the donor, who may be your relative or friend, I will tell you about this incidentally. There’s something wrong with this lady's body, because there are toxins in her marrow. Even if the marrow match is successful, it's impossible to perform the transplant operation. Besides, as for the toxins in her body, it seems to be accumulated over a long period, and it has been left in her bones after so many years. It seems that she has discontinued to take toxins in these years, otherwise, she would have passed away long time ago.”


Samuel's hands were trembling intensely.


He had never known someone would do harm to his mother.


In those years, mom worked hard every day for the group, so they seldom had opportunity to see each other. During that period, Mrs. Green was really in a bad health. The doctor said it was because of excessive fatigue, so no one took it seriously. 

Actually it was because of poisoning.


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After mom went abroad these years, he didn't hear anything wrong with mom's health. He always thought it was because mom had let go of the group's affairs and didn't have anything to worry about. But it was not so.


Samuel's heart was a little cold.


Who on earth wanted to do harm to his mother?


“Doctor, is there anything wrong with my body?”


Samuel looked at the doctor very seriously.


The doctor shook his head and said, “No, nothing wrong. You are very healthy, but recently your heart and lungs have a little problem, so you had better pay attention to it”


Samuel began to mutter in his heart.


There was nothing wrong with his body, but something wrong with Mrs. Green's. Besides, Nicole had an accident in the Green Family. Was the assailant very kind to him and couldn't bear to hurt him?


Who would do that?




Zama was the first that appeared in Samuel's mind.


Was it her?


Mrs. Green had been so kind to her during these years. How could she strike at Mrs. Green?


“Doctor, what's wrong with my mother?”


“Your mother? You just said this persona is your mother?”


The doctor was a little surprised.


Knowing he had already told the truth, Samuel nodded and said, “Yes, she is my mother and the grandmother of my child. I wish you can tell me about it.”


“lam not sure about that until she comes for a general physical check-up. Well, if possible, please take Mrs. Green to the hospital.”


The doctor's words made Samuel somewhat understand.


“I see, and I will notify her to come.”