Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 163: Please Call Her Mrs. Green

Samuel wanted to go in to see Zoe, but the phone rang at this moment.

In order not to affect Zoe's rest, Samuel walked out with his mobile phone.

“What's up?"

It was Jacob who made the phone call.

Jacob said in a low voice, "Mr. Green, there is news of Riley.”

"Where is she?"

Samuel became nervous all over.

"As long as we find Riley, we will find Lucas, right?

But Jacob did not answer for a long time.


Samuel felt that he was going crazy and couldn't help but let out a low growl. In fact, he was already a little disturbed.

Jacob knew that he couldn't hide after all, and whispered, "She was found at sea, but she is dead already, and the corpse has soaked for so long that it almost can't be recognized."

"What did you say? What about Lucas? Where is he?"

Samuel didn't care about Riley's life or death. He only cared about Lucas' whereabouts.

Jacob bit his lower lip and said, "There is no news about Master Lucas. When we found Riley, she was the alone. The forensic doctors found a large amount of methamphetamine in her body and that she died of overdose. Then her corpse was thrown to the sea."

"Who injected her the drugs? Who provided her with the shelter? Have you found out?"

Samuel felt an anger lingering in his chest, but it seemed as if he had hit the cotton with a punch, very weak and suffocated.

He thought that if they found Riley, they would be able to find Lucas, but now that Riley was dead, there was no news of Lucas at all.

Where was his son?

Jacob couldn't bear Samuel's current anger, but he still dutifully reported, “I found it. It's a nightclub called the Golden Queen. The owner of this nightclub is an outsider and his identity is unknown, but someone saw Zama go in and out there.”

"Zama, Zama again! About my nurse, why did I never know she is so capable? She actually has something to do with underground trading. Just cut the crap. I just want to know if you get the whereabouts of Zama."

"Not yet. It has been verified that Petty is not the Don Family's child. She has always thought that she is the illegitimate daughter of the Don family since she was a child. Now she knows that she is not, so she is mentally stimulated and a little abnormal. Zac died in order to save Petty."

"The life and death of these people has nothing to do with me. I just want to know where my wife Nicole is and where my son Lucas is!"

Samuel let out a low growl, and then remembered that he was in the hospital. Then he lowered his voice and said, "Find Zama at all costs."

"Yes, sir!"