Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 164 The Brook Family and the Green Family Were Even

"Samuel, don't think I'm begging you!"

Rachel's anger was so unabashed that any ordinary man would have been terrified by him, but for Samuel, it didn’t work.

"Rachel, I don't think you're begging me, either. I'm just being honest. Maybe for Allen, Nicole is his obsession, but for Nicole, he's her benefactor, as kind as his brother. So, tell me what you want. My daughter's about to wake up, and I have to go to accompany her."

Samuel made it very clear that he didn't want to waste more time with Rachel.

Seeing him like this, Rachel sighed and said, "Well, since Mr. Green is so straightforward, then I would tell you. Allen has always loved Nicole. and if the Brook Family has held on the favor for the past five years, I think Nicole would have to be polite to Allen even if she has no plans to marry Nicole to the Brook Family. Since Nicole is not with the Brook Family, we might as well break the friendship."

“What do you want?”

Samuel knew what Rachel meant.

She wanted him to pay off the favor the Brook Family had helped Nicole and her son over the past five years with actions.

That was actually the best.

Even though it was Allen who helped Nicole, Rachel represented the Brook Family, and Samuel thought it was not a bad thing if he could break their relationship.

The thing that money could deal with was not a serious matter, and it was far better than paying a debt of gratitude.

Rachel saw Samuel was so direct, then he said in a low voice, "I'm going to take the complete right of the cooperation between the two companies.

Of course, Mr. Green can disagree. Nicole currently is the designer of our company. Although it is the cooperation between the two companies, as long as our board of directors turned it down, what she designs cannot be published on the market."

"Well, you have the full control!”

Samuel never took it in his eyes.

“You wouldn't want that only, would you? Although I admit that my wife is an excellent designer and the Brook Family will make a lot of money with the car she designs, I don't think you would not only need that, right?”

Samuel spoke again.

Rachel was embarrassed this time.

She really wanted more than that, but she just didn't know how to Say it, because she was too old to say that.

When Samuel saw her hesitation, he sneered and said, "I think what you want is all the resources of the Green Family in America."

Rachel looked slightly stunned, with an awkward look on her face.

"The Green Family is second to none in the Seapolis City and in the country. But in the United States, we have monopolized the market for so many years, it is not so good for the Green Family to suddenly get in on them."

"So, you just want to monopolize the American market. It doesn't matter. As long as it can repay the favor we have owed to the Brook Family for the five years that you have been doing for my wife and children, I would give you the resource, and I promise that starting tomorrow, all the businesses of the Green Family will leave the United States, and I will never set foot in the United States again! I wonder if you are satisfied?"

Rachel couldn't believe Samuel's offer.

"Is what Mr. Green said true?"

“Of course, I would keep my promise. For this meeting, I need to document it. As long as the Brook Family gives a contract in writing, my children and grandchildren and I will not break it, but by the same token, Nicole will not owe anyone at the Brook Family anything from now on!"

When Samuel was so decisive, Rachel hesitated for a moment, but thinking of Allen, she nodded her head.

"Good! From now on, the Brook Family is even with Nicole and the Green Family."

"Nicole's position at your company, the Brook Family, would be terminated at the same time. I would resign on her behalf. I will have her resignation sent in."

Samuel made a quick decision not to give Allen any more chances.

He was not to blame.

Although he had agreed to Nicole that he would not embarrass Allen, this was the condition proposed by the Brook Family first. The Green Family did suffer some losses, and the losses were not small, but it was not a big deal.

There was no direct confrontation with Allen, and this was probably what Nicole wanted to see.