Degrade from Nobility to a Humble Slave

Chapter 4291 The Final Announcement

The downgrader was very aggressive. From the moment he had released the needle, he had already planned every step ahead.

Zen, on the other hand, followed a relatively conservative approach. He only fought back at whatever came at him.

However, the downgrader was able to control the needle, thus he kept the initiative. Besides, he had gained a wealth of experience. He had been in the Deep Space for a long time, so he was much more proficient in the use of all kinds of Extreme Form energies.

"Ha-ha ha-ha... I won't kill you. I'll let you watch as I devour your primitive land..."

the Snake Spirit King teased with a smug smile.

He had a keen awareness of emotions and could sense Zen's despair.

Zen stopped his counterattacking. It was an exercise in futility to keep killing the Snake Spirit King's avatars in the Burial Land. He could only observe this scene silently.

The size of each black spiral was comparatively quite small, and the speed of them devouring the primitive land was also limited. However, there were simply too many of them. If this continued, the primitive land wouldn't be able to last for too long...

On the jadeite platform.

Everyone swept their eyes over anxiously. They sometimes studied Zen's real body, while also looking at the fake projection, trying to figure out what had happened.

Not long after, Zen's real body finally moved. He gently flicked his finger, and the fake illusion that had been projected onto the jadeite platform disappeared.

"Zen, what's going on?" Kincaid was the first to question the events.

After a moment of silence, Zen explained, "We're already inside the Burial Land. The Snake Spirit King is maneuvering the Burial Land to devour the outer wall of the primitive land..."

Although everyone present had been mentally prepared, their faces still darkened after Zen confirmed their suspicions.

"Then what can we do?" Yasamin asked in a low voice.

This was a situation unlike any they had ever experienced. Even the Snake Goddess, who was extremely intelligent, was at a loss.

questioned, "Hilario, if one world is wrapped up in another world,

Bold Conjecture House had performed all sorts of strange experiments, the question Kincaid raised was an unpopular topic that few people would be interested in studying. If one primitive land wrapped up another primitive land, who would then

relevant research. I wonder if the other members of the

Hilario returned to the Other Shore.

flashed with a golden light. However, the one who descended was not Hilario, but a thin

Master Kincaid! I'm Barth from the Bold Conjecture House." The human spirit named

formalities with his hand. "You don't have to be so courteous. Can you answer my

the research into the secondary worlds. I'm an expert

point!" Kincaid rushed to cut

situation, Barth was wasting time with nonsense, which left everyone

the same time, observing as they merged and devoured each other. One of these test cases was similar to what you have encountered—a large primitive land devoured a small primitive land..." Barth continued to unhurriedly

faces, but

look of concern. "What will happen to me as the controller of the smaller primitive land

force and the Snake Spirit King's will become integrated. What's interesting is that as a controller, you can even assert control over the Burial Land in turn. To put

the Snake Goddess couldn't help but blurt out, "It wouldn't

a smile, "Yes, it's a great disadvantage to them. It's simply stupid to do so. The Snake Spirit King and the downgrader must have never done experiments of this nature. They mistakenly believe that they can

on, everyone became more patient to hear what he

a chance to fight back. It was

no longer a safe

large cities on the Pear Hill, the people in the Ruin Graveyard, the

so even if they die, they will know the

on doing?"

"Announce it to everyone."

on the jadeite platform and

land. Whether you hail from the Pear Hill, the Ruin Graveyard, the divine land, or the universes, you're all under my

have significant penetrating force, Zen had immediately activated the omniscient power, causing his voice to ring in everyone's ears. It was as

A larger world has descended, and the primitive land will fall into

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