Degrade from Nobility to a Humble Slave

Chapter 4290 Outside The Primitive Land

The collision of the Burial Land into the primitive land created a huge shockwave. Even though only a corner of the former had made contact, there was a loud noise and it attracted everyone's attention.

At that very moment, Zen himself was busy killing the Troubled Creatures and purifying the energy of the Pollution Extreme Form.

Hearing Hilario's words, he realized that something was wrong and decided to find out what was going on.

The best way to do that was to utilize the Illusory Vision of the Soul Extreme Form!

The consciousness created by the Illusory Vision quickly spread out in all directions and he began sensing everything that it touched.

Its radius was increasing at an extremely fast speed, and in a very short period of time, it would have been able to reach the end of the chaos.

However, before that could happen, the consciousness encountered an obstacle. As soon as it left the primitive land, it was completely absorbed by a mysterious force and vanished without a trace.

"How is that even possible?" Zen almost shouted in shock.

The consciousness had spread out in all possible directions. Even if it hit a barrier in one direction which captured and erased it, what about the consciousness in other directions?

The primitive land was enormous in size now, which meant there was only one way that this could have happened. The primitive land needed to be wrapped up in something larger than itself for that consciousness to be completely absorbed.

Wrapped up...

Zen's heart began thumping at the thought.

He looked up at the blood red sky overhead and suddenly realized something, which darkened his face.

"Father, what's wrong?" Geoffrey instantly noticed Zen's grim expression.

Not only him, but the others did so as well.

Zen didn't answer the question, though. He narrowed his eyes and created an avatar that appeared at the edge of the primitive land.


his palm on the inner

thick and generally considered impenetrable. This was the consequence of absorbing countless heads in the chaos. Even Eternal Realm warriors would not be able to break through it into the chaos. But this wasn't going


avatar spat

a soft, fluid movement, the avatar went straight through the wall, quickly passed through it,

the avatar should have been gazing into the empty

in the distance. And somehow, these mountains were upside down,

"Waah... Waah..."



avatar, they immediately sensed that this was an extraordinary prey. They spread their wings and

After drawing an arc in the air, the light returned back to the avatar's hand. This was a light shuttle,

It fell on the surface of the primitive land and died instantly as a

but an annoyance at best. Dealing with these Troubled Creatures was still a piece of cake



Creatures piled up beside him.

these Troubled Creatures. He wanted to investigate and find out what was going on. He also had a theory he

he was planning on leaving and going to a place from where he could observe more.

together. Calmly, he folded the space between him and his targeted area and in the blink of an

he had reached there and was beginning to look around, a voice came from behind him. "Good. Have one long look at this place... Your last look at

voice of the Snake Spirit King!

avatar whirled around instantly, but there was nothing behind him. Before he had a chance to put up


world now, and I rule

by the tail, and saw the giant head of the Snake Spirit King in front of him.

was why the fight hadn't been too long. But now,

Creatures everywhere. He was finally sure that he was inside the Burial Land now. His theory was right. The primitive land had been devoured by the Burial Land and

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