“OhmyGod OhmyGod. Thank goodness it is still here.” Ariana was so happy.

  Michael was lost, “Why would anyone want to steal your necklace, it looks out of date and doesn’t worth much.”

  Ariana started glaring daggers at as if she wanted to do it literally, “Stop talking if you don’t have anything good to say.”

  Michael was bit taken back by her cold tone, “But I told no lies.”

  “Shut up! This is the only thing that I have left of my mother. She gave it to me the night before she disappeared. It was given to her by her mother who got it from her mother and the list went on.” She explained slowly as if Michael wouldn’t understand if she said it any slower.

  “If it is that important to you, why don’t you were it in honor of your mother?” Michael was trying to verify why they would want to steal an old necklace with that was left by her mother.

  Ariana noticed that he still did not get it. “My mother ran away from home to Westron City where he met my Dad, they fell in love and got married which is why I am here now. My mother was a woman of many secrets but she was gentle by heart. She never took me to see her family and I am guessing Dad doesn’t know them either. If I did at least I would have a valid clue to start from there.

  She had a good friend here in Westron, I went to visit her several times but she doesn’t know where my mom is and she doesn’t know her family background either. All she knew was, this necklace is the key of finding her.

  Gina and my stepmother tried several time to snatch it so I had to take it out of their sight. If I wear it, they might pay someone to steal it. They don’t want me to find her and I don’t know the reason.” Well the main key is actually the pendant itself but she don’t trust Michael to the full extent as yet.