“Ha ha.” Ariana couldn’t helped it.

  “Why are you laughing?” Ariana did not stop laughing. “It looks like I didn’t handle you enough since you have the strength to laugh.”

  Ariana stopped immediately for fear that he might want to go again.

  Michael rubbed her head and said, “Good, you know how to behave.”

  Ariana got angry, “Do not treat me like a pet.”

  Michael did not take her angry look seriously, “… but you are like a little rabbit, I can’t help myself.” He kissed her on her forehead. “Since you’re awake, get yourself together we are going out.”

  “Where are we going?” Ariana ignored his rabbit comment.

  “Didn’t you say you want to go back to your apartment for few things?” This silly woman must have short memory.

  “Oh yes, I have a few errands to run as well.” It was about 5 in the evening so Michael was wondering what she could possibly have to do.