Michael got to the Dragon Hotel in Ten minutes. He walked in and the manager approached him with a smile. Before the manager could greet him, he asked impatiently, “I am trying to find someone.”

  “I can definitely assist you, what is the name of that individual let me check.” Alex gave him the name and the manager hurried off to check the system. He came back shortly with his face pale. He did not know how to tell Mr. Matthew because he looked very scary at this moment.

  “Hurry and tell me. What are you waiting on?” Michael was getting gloomier by the second. At first he was angry that she left with another man but it seems to be more serious than just that. When he was in the car thinking of ways to get revenge on her, he received a call from her. He held the phone to his ear waiting on her to speak but all he heard was Gina voice then the call was released. He had a bad feeling about this.

  “Mr. Matthew, there are no bedroom or private room booked in her name.” the manager finally said shaking.

  Michael was now enraged, “Take me to the footage room so I can see for myself.”


  “Don’t touch me!” Ariana was crying out softly but because of the drugs she sounded seductive. It made Johnson even more turned on.

  Mr. Johnson was in no rush, he had time to play around with her first. He watched her trying to rip her clothes apart. He suddenly got up and started touching her legs and shudder at the touch. She did not have much resistance because of the heat in her body. Mr. Johnson moved up to the bed and start undressing her. He starts with her blouse, button by button until it was fully opened. She had on an under blouse but her cleavage was visible.

  Ariana was a conservative woman so her figure hardly went noticed by anyone. She really had a good figure and pretty face. Now Mr. Johnson became impatient to covet her. He went over her with his round body trying to press her and Ariana groan beneath him. Mr. Johnson throat went dry from his lust.