Ariana bit the corner of her lower lip and looked at him with her pure and shining eyes. She wanted to say yes because she liked him too and she wanted to say no to secure her heart from hurt to come. It was inevitable for they were worlds apart.

  Her heart spoke against her reasoning, “Yes, I will be with you!” she was so shy that Michael barely heard her response.

  He looked at her with gleaming eyes, “Say it again.” He wanted to make sure he is hearing right.

  “I am not repeating myself.” Her face started heating up and she felt embarrassed. Michael jumped off the hospital bed and picked her up. “You don’t have to repeat, the first time was good enough for me.”

  Ariana couldn’t believe her eyes, the man was laughing like a little child because of her answer.


  They left the hospital after completing the release procedures and paying the bill.

  Michael took Ariana to a 24 hour Diner to get some food. Soon they were both eating.

  He almost choked on his food when he heard her suddenly said, “There will be conditions to our relationship.”

  He coughed lightly, “Ariana, do you really think you should be negotiating with me?” the man knew it was too good to be true. She looked at him with her big bright eyes and his cold heart melted instantly. “Alright, go ahead. Let me see what I can agree to.”

  Ariana started, “I want you to help me find my mother.”

  “I already said I would so please get to the point.” Ariana felt embarrassed because she was seen through.