Can't stop loving you

Chapter 211 I'm Not Putting On A Drama

The moment Viola input the wrong key, the alarm sounded almost through her eardrum.

She covered her ears, and there was only one thought in her mind: She was fooled!

"Why are you moving it?" Maynard walked in and turned off the alarm.

Anger was written all over her face. "Your birthday is not the password for you. Why did you tell me?"

"I told you when you asked me." Maynard answered seriously. Leaning against the wall, a smile flashed across his eyes.

With anger still lingering in her heart, Viola sat down on the sofa and said, "The password is not your birthday! Are you trying to guard against steal or me?"

"Of course we are always on guard against thieves. My ladyship doesn't have that style." A faint smile played at Maynard's thin lips. The smile that had never been kept on his face for thousands of years was melting like an iceberg.

A foxy smile appeared on Viola's face. She spoke simply two words to express her feelings, "Ha ha."

Hearing her answer, Maynard took his long and straight leg, sat down at her left, stretched his big hand and rubbed her forehead. In a soft voice which sounded like water, he said, "Don't laugh. If you want to know the password, just ask me."

Viola had a micro facelift, and her delicate little face raised, "I want to laugh more."

He had often teased her, and now she couldn't be fooled.

Maynard sighed slightly. He held her in his arms partly and walked to the safe. "It's up to you," he said

He input the password in front of her.

When Viola saw that the password was 0062, a surprise flashed through her eyes and she memorized it.

After unlocking the password, a click came from the safe.

Maynard opened the door and saw a computer in the safe. The character on the computer proved to be the one she sent to him.

"You can read it, but no one can take away what belongs to me." Maynard stared at her, as if he was telling her an important decision.