Can't stop loving you

Chapter 212 Let Go Wait Till The Next Life!

Viola didn't understand why it was so thunderous again. She rubbed her eyelids and was shocked by his ruthless face.

She thought carefully for a long time, but still couldn't find anything wrong and was confused.

All of a sudden, she put her hands on her lower abdomen. She could not help but worry that Maynard would fight against her for the custody of the baby in her womb

Meanwhile, she was afraid that Ann would be found out.

She tossed and turned the whole night and didn't sleep well.

The next day, a new look appeared on Viola's face. She looked tired with dark circles under her eyes.

"Good morning," she said faintly as she pulled out the chair and sat down

"Good morning." Bernard and Jennifer greeted her at the same time.

Then, Maynard went downstairs with dark circles around his eyes.

"What are you doing? You two look like a pair of panda." Bernard teased casually.

"Shut up!"

Both of them could not help but ask at the same time.

After that, both of them were stunned, but soon they calmed down.

Because of the failed communication between them last night, Viola hadn't talked to Maynard, and he seemed to be the same, so they both fell into a cold war before and after breakfast.

The door of the office was pushed open when Viola came to work at the magazine and was worrying about which person to interview.

"I have something to tell you!" Vivi came in angrily from outside and went straight to the place where she was.

Viola was at a loss what to do. She got a headache and said, "I have nothing to talk with you."

"If you don't talk to me, I'll stay here today." As Vivi said, she threw her bag on the sofa, and then sat down, rolled up her sleeves in a posture of full flow.