Can't stop loving you

Chapter 209 Grab The Computer

When Viola was about to walk out of the door of the living room, Bernard and Jennifer opened their arms and blocked her way.

Viola almost hit them, but luckily she was able to control herself with all her might and came to a halt. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Oh my God! Is it because of the gift from Maynard? Why did you go outside to have a look?" Jennifer looked up at upstairs and grinned from ear to ear.

A drop of cold sweat dripped from her forehead. Viola didn't know how to respond.

"Or absence makes the heart grow fonder. Are you overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of Maynard?" With a smile on his face, Bernard put an arm around Jennifer's shoulders.

A few minutes later, Viola found a seat and sat down. She rolled her eyes at them impatiently. "Can you two learn from Julie? She is not as gossipy as you are."

A trace of envy flashed in Julie's eyes. She glanced at Bernard thoughtfully before she looked at her and said, "Miss Qi, I think our president treats you very well."

A few seconds later, a vicious smile crept over on her face. Viola then said, "No way! He is even more gentle and affectionate to other women than me!"

She shrugged. Apparently, she was used to it.

"Mr. Chu is serious about you." Julie sat down next to her, patted her chest and said firmly, "That night when you lived in the Chol family, Mr. Chu sent people around to search for you, and he drove his car to look for you for a whole night."

Hearing that, a feeling of astonishment overwhelmed Viola, who widened her eyes. "Really?"

Julie nodded slowly.

Upon hearing that, Viola kept silent. She remembered that she had broken Maynard's computer, which must be filled with his business information

She bit her finger in a tangled mood. If it was her, she would also lose her mind

She just remembered that Maynard had just asked her to give him thanks. An idea came to her mind.

Resisting the urge to pay a large sum of money at any time, Viola came to the nearby computer shop.

Standing in front of a computer of different colors and styles, she frowned and was dazzled.