Can't stop loving you

Chapter 208 For The Sake Of Your Love For Me

Maynard snorted coldly and stared at her in confusion.

Viola uneasily moved aside, put down the glass of water and continued, "Mr. Chu, as a CEO, don't you feel ashamed to compare with him?"

Maynard chuckled and sat down on the sofa opposite her, with his legs crossed. "Reporter Qi, if you dare speak for him, I will kiss you; otherwise, I may give you money."

Upon hearing the first half of his words, Viola was so scared that she kept her mouth shut. And when she heard the last part, her heart flipped in an instant.

She shook her head and abandoned her messy thoughts. "Don't even think about threats and tempted me!"

"What about I let you be your wife all your life?" The corners of Maynard's long and narrow eyes raised. At the moment, his black eyes were shining with a charming light.

Confessing to him?

With a dry smile covering her mouth, Viola cleared her throat and reminded him seriously, "Mr. Chu, I'm a very humble woman. You have found out all about that."

The cold aura around him spread continuously to the outside. His sharp eyes squinted slightly. "Well, you're thinking too much. I don't like you, but you must like me!"

A shiver ran down her delicate hand as she nearly knocked over a glass of water on the table. Viola was so angry with his arrogant bandit's tone.

Gritting her teeth, she stared at him and asked, "A you sure you want to get even with Chol?"

"Of course." The smile at the corners of Maynard's mouth deepened.

Viola let out a long sigh, dashed into the bathroom, closed the door and locked it from inside.

Standing in the bathroom, Viola shouted angrily, "If you don't change your mind, I'll raise the temperature of the water to shower myself to death!"

As soon as she finished speaking, a man stood opposite to the door. At the same time, the sound of door opening came through.

"Mind your words, Viola!" Maynard said in a cold voice, which sounded as cold as ice.

Viola chuckled. She pulled off the large towel to block the transparent glass and turned on the shower head.