Can't stop loving you

Chapter 118 Wrong Way To Open The Door

Viola took off her mask and out of breath, then looked out of the window with an irresponsible look on her face. Now that nobody knew she was the one that had been taken advantage of, she would never admit it.

"Jina, you forgot your medicine."

At this time, Lena who was the agent of Chol, came in and handed Jina the medicine.

"Oh, I almost forget it. Thank you." Jina patted her head gently and smiled with embarrassment as she took the medicine.

As soon as Viola saw her, she lowered her head subconsciously and put on the mask, but it was too late.

"Miss Qi, I'm looking for you." Lena cast a glance at her, "The director asked me to ask you if you're going to act in the supporting role of that super star who was burnt to the teeth?"

"Supporting role!" Jina's eyes suddenly lit up, "Lena, is that the woman who soaked in the sea with Chol?"

"It's her." Said Lena, expressionless.

Viola covered her face with her hand, trying to run away, but her legs were shaking.

"Viola, why don't you tell me that you are just an supporting actress?" Jina grumbled, with her hand on her chest, "I'm worried about nothing."

Although Viola wanted to cry but had no tears, she could only managed to put up a smile. "I'm sorry for causing you trouble."

"No, I didn't. But you should have told me earlier." Jina took a drink of water and calmed down.

Viola was so embarrassed. She tried her best to calm down, but in fact, she was on the verge of breaking down. "Aunt, I just feel too ashamed to play a small role. I don't deserve your son Chol... "

She lowered her head and tried to hide her embarrassment.

"It's not shameful at all. Without the background of green leaves, how can it be beautiful like red flowers?" Jina softened her heart and held her hand to comfort her, which was quite abnormal.

Hearing that, Viola was moved into tears. "Aunt..."

"My girl, Auntie invited you to go to see Chol. He has been in a trance for a few days, totally absent-minded." Jina looked worried and her eyes were filled with pleading.

"Well, actually..." said a flustered Viola